Ways to organise your kitchen

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Ways to organise your kitchen

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FOR many families, entertaining and eating is done right in the kitchen, which means that not only do you want a clean kitchen for cooking, but you will also want space for having company over. For those that have small kitchens, having the space necessary means making use of every nook and cranny. Of course, you could remodel your kitchen, but that would not be very life hack-like.

These simple kitchen hacks will help you maximise your storage space, allowing you to keep your kitchen organised . . . but that is not all! I am going to be throwing in some handy kitchen hacks that make cleaning super simple and quick! When it comes to cleaning around the house, the kitchen should be your priority.

Because it is where the food is! And who wants the place where they store and eat their food to be disgusting?

Spice niche
Spices and herbs play a big role for many people when it comes to cooking and these petite packages can take up a lot of storage space.

Utilising a spice rack that is mounted onto the inside of a cabinet door allows you to keep your spices organised and make use of an unused space, leaving you the option to utilise your cabinets for storing something else, like your pots and pans. Do not feel like paying a lot for a spice rack or do not want to drill holes into your cabinets?

Are you using your cabinet doors for some other clever way to give yourself additional storage? If so, you can still organise your spices in a clever way by making use of magnets.

You can also use magnets for storing knives so that you do not have to use a knife block . . . just make sure you use a strong enough magnet so that your kitchen does not rain knives.

Cutting board
Preserve precious counter space with an over the sink cutting board, which are really just long cutting boards that are meant to fit over your sink.

Not only do you save on either counter or cabinet space, but with these boards you can prevent vegetable and fruit peels or juices as well as other food bits that you are slicing, chopping and dicing from making a disaster on your kitchen counter or floor. Saves a lot of clean up with food prep.

As an added bonus you can also use it to hide dirty dishes when an unexpected guest comes over.

Hanging pots
Give yourself more cabinet space by hanging pots, pans, and even cooking utensils from the ceiling. As a bonus, get yourself an attractive overhead rack and if you have a decent set of cookware, you will end up with a funky, stylish decoration for the kitchen.

Garlic, shallots and onions
If you have a bamboo steamer basket, use it to store garlic, onions and shallots. Due to bamboo steamers being well-ventilated, they are the perfect environment for storing onions, garlic, and shallots which will leave your fridge with some room for other veggies.

Drawer inserts
One of the problems with keeping a kitchen drawer organised is the ineffective use of space. Too many times people just throw all the kitchen utensils and tools in haphazardly. Use drawer inserts to make it easy to sort utensils, cooking tools and more, allowing each to be more accessible.

Kitchen island
A kitchen island can bring some added functionality and organisation to your kitchen as it can serve as both a place to eat as well as an extra storage space.

If you have some unused space between your refrigerator and the wall, you might want to make use of it with a roll-out pantry to store canned and boxed goods vertically. – www.lifehack.org

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