Watch out for Abisha Palmer & DJ Yung Fresh

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Watch out for Abisha Palmer & DJ Yung Fresh

The Sunday Mail

Andrew Moyo

IT is a typical lit Motor Action Sunday!

As has become the norm, the place is packed to the rafters with MC Big Dollar Bruce and DJ Krimz up to their usual shenanigans on the turntables.

Around midnight, the tables turn. In comes Abisha Palmer and DJ Yung Fresh, marking the beginning of a super-charged dancehall set. The MC’s eloquence, with his chants in sync with the DJ’s music selection and tricks on the decks, creates a frenzied atmosphere.

After their set, the duo decides to pass through another watering hole on their way home. Evitro is the destination. Despite not being on the roster, they get an opportunity to play for a few minutes but the impromptu set ends up stretching to an hour with the crowd clamouring for more action from the entertainers.

Such is the clout that Abisha Palmer and Yung Fresh have amassed on the capital’s leisure scene. From Thursday to Sunday, the pair is tearing up the club community, with slots at numerous top pleasure hubs including Evitro, Kebab and Motor Action Sports Club among others.

Abisha Palmer is already a household name having risen through the ranks under the wings of the Judgement Yard Family. It appears that parting ways with the brand has not slowed him down, in fact, the opposite may be true.

His current partner in crime has been lurking in the background despite having a few years in the industry under his belt. Yung Fresh has lately been creeping out of the shadows and his influence has grown significantly these past few months.

In an interview with The Sunday Mail Online, Abisha Palmer said that while his partnership with Yung Fresh is a few months old, they have worked together in the past.

“We did our first set together in 2015 at the Beer Engine but we all had other commitments back then,” said Palmer.

“While we started seriously working together in April, we have hooked up on several occasions including the Morgan Heritage show and the recently held Ok Grand Challenge.”

He said the two of them have good chemistry, which is why their sets rock.

“The way we blend is like magic and I believe this is because Fresh has a music feel that I understand. We click and have a mutual musical understanding. It easy for us to please the crowd. While the partnership is still new, many people are now aware of our combination and the reception we are getting so far has been overwhelming.”

He added that while they had slots at various leisure hubs in the capital, their Sunday gig at Motor Action Sports Club was the best

“The Sunday slot is my best since we blend all music types, which include hip-hop, house, Naija, reggae and dancehall to cater for the various tastes of people who come through.”

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