Wananchi, sanctions can cause divorce

17 Dec, 2017 - 00:12 0 Views

The Sunday Mail

Vukani Madoda The Sharpshooter
Divorce is a direct effect of sanctions, Wananchi. When you sanction your spouse of certain emotional, financial and social rights, the result can be divorce.

Your dirty linen will be washed in public. Your nakedness will be laid bare for the whole world to see. Nothing will be secret anymore. Your selfishness, self-centredness and greed become public knowledge.

No sympathy whatsoever will arise from those in the courtroom. Yes Wananchi, this is the case of the MDC Alliance’s nefarious and futile mission to the US last week.

It exposed why the electorate divorced the MDCs. When you sanction the electorate of bread and butter ideals and policies, they divorce you and find a better candidate.

There is no argument about that anymore, and Nelson Chamisa, Tendai Biti and Dewa Mavhinga should know this by now. Who does not know that Biti has always been the protagonist of sanctions against Zimbabwe?

The fact of the matter is that the Zimbabwe Democracy and Economy Recovery Act has been preventing Zimbabwe’s access to international financial assistance.

That is the fact and there is clear and unadulterated evidence to that fact as propelled by US Senate Committee chair on foreign relations Bob Corker who, sometime early last year, blocked clearance of US$1,9 billion from the IMF, World Bank and African Development Bank for the Zimbabwe Government because he wanted regime change.

Today, the regime has changed but it does not have the endorsement and blessings of the Chamisas and Bitis of this world.

That is why they are singing “suffer continue”. Then there is the myth that the US provides aid to Zimbabwe. Such double standards leave a very bad taste in the mouth and make one sick to the stomach.

How do you provide aid to a Government you have imposed sanctions on? There is nothing like “targeted” sanctions. Sanctions are sanctions, period.

They affect our country, the only country we will ever have. What a pity and shameless shame it is for those that continue to give adulterated allegiance to a clueless and embarrassing alliance that represented the MDC in US last week!

I cannot envisage how an electorate of sound body and mind, an electorate of focused and determined objectives, indeed an electorate of a seemingly democratic following, will put its faith in an alliance, a cabal, so obsolete and squalid as to call to for continued sanctions.

It boggles the mind. Surely, what kind of self-destructive horrors play tiki-taka in the wispy dreams of Biti and Chamisa?

The MDC’s shallow-minded criticism of President Mnangagwa’s Government smacks of a stinking deficiency in how the reactionary activists think sanctions can save Zimbabwe.

They are like the man, thinking that his wife is cheating, calls the whole village to look at her underwear so that they ululate together that adultery has occurred.

Which electorate does MDC serve by calling for sanctions? Whose mandate do they follow? Which constituency do they stand for?

MDC is a scrapheap. It is an unviable political proposition. And one by one, MDC supporters see the ridiculousness of a party that wants its own country sanctioned.

Zanu-PF, at its Congress last week, continued in its struggle for unity, peace and development – including extending an olive branch to misguided followers of the G40 cabal and their cousins in the MDC – but some bright sparks think sanctions are the way to go.

Or maybe the MDCs love Zanu-PF so much they are simply crying for another inclusive Government so that they can be close to the revolution again. The reality is they have recognised that the new regime is indeed a progressive regime.

That said, the MDCs should take criminal responsibility for the continued sanctions on Zimbabwe. The electorate has rejected them in the same way they rejected common sense all those years ago when they first begged for sanctions.

Wananchi, let us divorce both enemies. Asjiki! Zikomo!


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