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The Sunday Mail

Shareef Slic Ngonji, A’ Level
Iqra Independent College

It is now time to put to rest all forces that undermine,
What l am and what l stand for.

Today marks the restoration of my dignity.

I vote for my values.

I vote to declare my independence,

To make my state equal to any.

I vote with my past,present and future in mind.

I vote to defend the legacies built by our fathers.

I vote to preserve my beliefs and heritage.

I vote to safeguard that which makes me a citizen.

I vote to better my life and the future,

A vote to become a master of my own destiny.


I cast a vote for my prosperity, not poverty.

An election that holds me accountable to future heirs.

It is my choice,

To determine who propels the agenda that empowers you and I.

It is now time,


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