VICTORIOUS LIVING: We serve a God of order

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The Sunday Mail

The grace of God in its sufficiency has ushered us another day to praise Him through His word.

This week I will share with you the message from fellow worshippers at One Way Ministries during their fasting period last week.

The congregation felt pressed upon to emphasise the importance of being directed by the Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit has various characteristics and John 14:26 tell us of a Comforter, the Spirit of Wisdom, and our Helper who is the Revealer of Truth.

With the Holy Spirit in control there is no room for a Christian to move around like a headless chicken. As we begin 2015 we need to seek the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

1 Samuel 10 v 6 tells us that when the Spirit of God comes upon us we become changed people. Luke 1 speaks of the power of conception in the Holy Spirit. Through the Holy Spirit, Mary managed to conceive and bring forth the Saviour. Just as a pregnant woman encounters changes in such things as body shape, diet and mood, the Holy Spirit also brings a difference in our lives. And just as a husband ought to take care of the needs of his pregnant wife, the Holy Spirit is readily available to nurture whatever He has deposited in us, be it a purpose or gift. He will make sure to nurture it unto manifestation and maturity.

We should be aware that the Holy Spirit has the power to convict us affecting our associations and the things we do. John 16:8 affirms us that with the Holy Spirit we are assured that He will be there to convict us so that we wil not take the wrong direction or make wrong decisions.

As a result it is important that we be in a place of repentance that we may walk with Him.

Through our living, moving and being we could have grieved the Holy Spirit as Ephesians 4:30 states that we do so through anger, bitterness, and evil speech among other things.

So this is the time to befriend Him through getting into a place of repentance. As we remain in a place of prayer it is important that we guard against blaspheming the Holy Spirit for Matthew 12:31-32 clearly states that whosoever speaks against the Holy Spirit will not be forgiven on this world or the one to come. Our God is not an author of confusion but of order. And by choosing to seek the guidance of the Holy Spirit we are assured of order in our lives this year going forth.In John 1:33 the writer confessed of how the Spirit when it would descend on Jesus was going to remain on Him. We normally speak casually of being in or out of the Spirit because of our alternating behaviours.

But may the essence of our worship this year lie in us ensuring that we constantly seek God for the Holy Spirit to remain in us and not depart. As human beings we usually face a battle to be obedient. But even King Saul was told by the prophet Samuel that obedience is better than sacrifice. Acts 16:6-7 highlights how the Apostle Paul had to heed the conviction of the Holy Spirit in their journey.


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