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VICTORIOUS LIVING: Healing takes faith

01 Mar, 2015 - 00:03 0 Views

The Sunday Mail

Hello there. During the course of this week I was going over a conversation l had with fellow Christians.

Someone I know went to a local and popular church seeking healing. The individual was on crutches.

During the healing session, she was told to throw away her crutches and start walking to demonstrate faith in the miracle.

In obedience, she did exactly that and made some baby steps within the vicinity of the church.

But when it was time to return home, she could not walk as she was in great pain. To worsen the situation, the crutches had been thrown away on the pretext that a miracle had taken place.

My question is: who failed here, was it the purported man of God or the believer? Or was it a matter of God in His sovereign will not be releasing the miracle that the individual so desired?

We have circumstances in the Bible where Jesus emphasised the importance of faith in order for one to receive a miracle.

In Matthew 8 v 5-13, Jesus marvels at a centurion’s great faith and delivers a miracle to his servant at home. Earlier in the same chapter Jesus is driven by his will to heal the leper.

In John 5, a man who suffered an infirmity for 38 years is asked by Jesus if he is willing to be healed and he says yes. He further goes on to explain why the man had been failing to get healing despite his willingness.

Jesus even calls his disciples a faithless and perverse generation in Luke 9 v 42 after they failed to cast out a demon. So if this lady was faithful that she would be healed, how come she did not experience her miracle?

I asked Methodist Church in Zimbabwe Reverend, Mafala Masuku, about his thoughts on the subject.

“You see, there are three things that may result for one seeking healing. The first answer is when the Lord says ‘yes, be healed’. Then you are healed right away.

“Second, God can say ‘wait it’s not time yet’ and you don’t receive the miracle then.

“The third answer is when God says ‘no’.

“Consider Paul in 2 Corinthians 12 v 7 who had a thorn in his groin. It had been left there to keep him from being proud. He asked God to remove it three times but God said no.

“Instead God said your weakness is my strength,” Reverend Musuku said.

According to Reverend Masuku, to receive healing it takes faith from both the one being prayed for and the one praying. The moment you doubt the vessel God is using to heal you then you have closed the door for a miracle.

Glorious Fire Family International founder, Pastor Tonderai Nyariri, said one’s healing is determined by God only when he wants the glory specifically for that situation.

“Because in Isaiah 53, God already stated that by Jesus’ stripes we are healed so that has already been provided for.

“Where only God is responsible for someone getting healing is for example the story of Jesus’ disciples in John 9 when they asked who had sinned between a blind man and his parents for him to be born in that state. Jesus said it was done that the glory of God may manifest in him.

“But secondly it might be that the person being healed does not have enough faith. We once prayed for a completely blind person and they were healed while a partially blind person didn’t receive their healing.

“It is a matter of faith. That is why Pastor Chris (Oyakhilome) has a healing school where people have to go through sessions to raise their faith.

“A drunk can have faith while a person who goes to church for years does not have it. So it rests with the individual.

“The third part is when a man of God begins to walk in pride due to the power in him. God can fail to work because the pastor or prophet now believes in his powers. There are times God watches silently as men take the glory of His power.

“But then there comes a time when God can’t allow it to go any further and that is when the healing power of God departs from you. As a result the person doesn’t receive his healing,” added Pastor Nyariri.

There you have it. Until next week keep living a victorious life.

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