VICTORIOUS LIVING: Fasting has its own benefits too, do not ignore

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VICTORIOUS LIVING: Fasting has its own benefits too, do not ignore Victorius Living: Fatima Bulla

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Victorius Living: Fatima Bulla

Victorious Living: Fatima Bulla

Join me in praising the Lord for bringing us into another year by the abundance of His grace.

As you might be aware at the beginning of the year there is a lot of spiritual activity that takes place as Christians engage in fasting and prayer.

I would like to encourage that you not be left out in fasting during this important period.

Because teachers of the Word say if you are left out when others seek for God’s leadership you might have to fast alone some other time when battles rise against you. And better still in Mark 9:29, Jesus said clearly that some strongholds can only be broken by prayer and fasting.

Well just rewinding the clock to December 31, many churches received a word from God which will be fulfilled this year through walking the steps of faith.

While the theme at New Life Covenant Church was “Build” anchored by Nehemiah 4:6 as the church embarks on a church-building programme, Bishop Tudor Bismark released word that this year will be one of corporate blessing.

People have been experiencing blessings and breakthroughs on an individual basis in the past seasons.

This year stay with God in His house and experience corporate blessings as a family, as a church, as a company and as a nation. Psalms 133 v 1-3 states that the goodness of staying together in unity provokes God to command a blessing.

From Zaoga Forward in Faith we received word that this year we are “Walking in Our Inheritance Practicing the Kingdom of God” (Psalms 62:11).

In a letter to all the churches of Forward in Faith across the world, Dr Ezekiel Guti said that walking in our inheritance is walking in our blessing.

Proverb 10: 22 say, “The blessing of the Lord makes one rich and He adds no sorrow with it.” Dr Guti said those who are rich through the blessing of the Lord will have peace of mind, their families and businesses as well.

We need the grace of God to be faithful, so the blessing will abound in us.

In addition, Dr Guti said we need to escape from corruption by learning to be faithful. When we are faithful, walking and practising the Kingdom of God, we are partakers of the divine nature.

Crossing over to Twelve Apostles Church in Christ, they said 2015 will be a “Year of Joy”. This joy is the fruit coming from last year’s word which focused on spiritual development. As we grab on what has been released already in these churches, God will certainly do more after the period of fasting.

For all the women out there the word released at the Roman Catholic Church in Glen Norah said 2015 is the “Year of Women”. So stay ready for God’d visitation in your spiritual lives, careers, homes and businesses like the five wise virgins in Matthew 25. Or else you will miss out on what God has in store for you.

Heartfelt Ministries International has declared this year to be the “Year of Unlimited Breakthroughs”. Whether your challenge has been generational or it just surfaced, expect Lord of The Breakthrough to visit you this year. Nothing beats favour and Faith World Ministries have released word that this is a “Year of the Lord’s favour”. Three keys to unlock this favour are to know your enemy, know yourself and know your God. Pastor Tinashe Zinyemba said God is always on the move looking to do something new for you.

So do not be left behind thinking of the past. And be faithful in fasting, if you cannot conquer a piece of bread how can you conquer the devil?

Until next week look out for The Sunday Mail at your place of worship.

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