Valentine’s, Ash Wednesday and Uefa

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Valentine’s,  Ash Wednesday and Uefa Mrs Beatrice Allan admires roses she bought at the Africa Unity Square flower market -Picture by Kudakwashe Hunda

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It’s that time of year when social media are ablaze with relationship jokes and memes, something that has become the norm in this Digital Age.

In 72 hours, the day of love – Valentine’s Day — arrives with its romantic vibe.

Whether one has a better half or not, this day is hard to miss considering the activity ground everywhere.

From vendors selling plastic roses and tacky gift cards, to exquisitely themed dinners at upmarket restaurants, Valentine’s is hard to ignore.

While the origins of the celebrations might be alien to Zimbabwe, the February 14 festivities have become a significant aspect of local urban culture.

Ash Wednesday

Ash Wednesday

However, this will be the same day that some Christian denominations will be observing Ash Wednesday, which marks the first day of Lent.

Among the denominations that follow this tradition is the Roman Catholic Church, which is said to have over one million followers in Zimbabwe.

So while others indulge in the sensuality of Valentine’s, others will be fasting in preparation for the ashes that will be placed on their foreheads that night.

Then there are those who care not for either Valentine’s or Lent.

Real Madrid clash with PSG on Valentine's Day

Real Madrid clash with PSG on Valentine’s Day

A good number of these will be itching for the referee to blow the whistle so that Real Madrid and Paris Saint-Germain can go toe-to-toe in the Uefa Champions League.

That means this Wednesday, the sports bars and other watering holes can anticipate as much business as the restaurants serving star-crossed lovers.

That means while some ladies may be looking forward to candle-lit dinners on Wednesday evening, the reality is that their men may be planning to spend that special day with their chums and the barman.

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