UZ scientists for WorldLab 2017

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UZ scientists for WorldLab 2017

The Sunday Mail

Gilbert Munetsi
Scientists from the University of Zimbabwe School of Health Sciences will be part of history when South Africa brings the International Federation of Clinical Chemistry (“WorldLab 2017”) to the continent for the first time ever from October 22 to 25.

The past two congresses were held in Berlin and Instabul, and WorldLab 2017 in Durban will focus on raising awareness of the importance of laboratory medicine to healthcare in Africa, as well as showcasing the status of lab medicine on the continent with a thrust to supporting its development.

Zimbabwean scientists will vie for three poster awards valued at 300 euros each to be given to the best oral presentation by scientists aged 40 and below on any topic on paediatric laboratory medicine.

According to the programme availed by the secretary-general of the African Federation of Clinical Chemistry, which is co-hosting the event with the IFCC, matters will be preceded by the 16th International Congress of Paediatric Laboratory Medicine.

“This opening congress will focus on the latest scientific and technological achievements in all aspects of paediatric clinical and diagnostic laboratory medicine. We believe that all participants will be enthused by the sessions,” said the SG, Prof Hilda Matarira, who is also president of the Zimbabwe Association of Clinical Biochemistry and founding Vice-Chancellor of Great Zimbabwe University.

She goes to Durban having recently secured funding for studio equipment for establishment of Africa’s first radio for lab medicine and science, which will feed into a Paris-based channel, El Microscopio.

Congress sessions will focus on genetically determined diseases in children, metabolic disorders, newborn screening, allergy testing, nutrition, endocrinology, paediatric reference intervals, infectious diseases, challenges of the paediatric laboratory and others areas.

Prof Matarira said WorldLab 2017 would provide a platform for delegates to assess the range of equipment and diagnostic products available.

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