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Unity, respect & hard work: President Zanu PF 1st Secretary President Mugabe addresses delagates at the ongoing Zanu PF16th Annual National People's Conference in Masvingo yesterday. - (Picture by Believe Nyakudjara)

The Sunday Mail

Foreword to the Zanu PF Central Committee Report to the 16th National People’s Conference 2016
It gives me great pleasure to present this Central Committee Report at this 16th National People’s Conference where we will review our performance and deliberations on our future. We need a frank discussion on issues facing the party so that appropriate decisions can be taken.

I would also want to implore delegates to focus on real instead of peripheral issues as we go through our deliberations during the conference.

The party and Government have continued to implement pragmatic measures as guided by the Zimbabwe Agenda for Sustainable Socio-Economic Transformation (Zim-Asset) and the 10-Point Plan in order to recover the economy and raise the living standards of our people.

The following are some of the measures being implemented by Government and are aimed at revitalising agriculture:

Mechanisation and Irrigation Programme for Small Scale Irrigation schemes under the Brazilian More Food Initiative;

Command Agriculture Programme;

Arda Graduation Farming Programme;

Rehabilitation of Irrigation Infrastructure to mitigate the adverse effects of climate change;

Presidential Input Support Scheme for vulnerable people;

Cotton Input Support Scheme; and

Issuance of 99-year leases and A1 permits in order to enhance access to agricultural finance and ensure security of tenure.

Agriculture is the mainstay of our economy, and it is the basis for industrialisation.

We should look at agriculture as a business.

There is need to develop the entire agro value chain from the input supply level up to the development of commodity exchange markets.

Further, Government introduced the following measures to stabilise the national economy and promote local production.

Prioritisation of foreign currency usage;

Introduction of 5 percent export incentive to be paid in bond notes; and

Gazetting Statutory Instrument 64 of 2016 in order to protect our local industry from the influx of cheap substandard imports.

We need to support these initiatives. It is only through production that we will be able to transform our country’s economic fortunes.

The performance of our party across all the major areas has been largely laudable save for the following that need urgent redress:



Lack of production; and

Party finances.

Comrade delegates, factionalism, corruption and lack of production are not good for the stability of the party and the country. We need to self-introspect and take appropriate remedial measures. We should shun factionalism, tribalism, indiscipline, corruption and laziness.

The party has proper structures through which disputes are resolved. Let us respect them, and remain united. It is through unity, respect and hard work that we can build a formidable Zanu-PF ahead of 2018 elections.

Politburo constituted a Disciplinary Appeals and Review Committee of the Central Committee (DARCC) to expedite the resolution of disciplinary cases.

The party also established a War Veterans Department to deal with war veterans issues. We will continue to enhance our party structures in order to promote efficiency.

The party has been involved in many commendable activities such as empowerment projects, the smart membership card mobilisation for by-elections, among others.

The party and Government will continue to support projects that empower our people including the youth, women, war veterans as well as the disabled and disadvantaged.

There is, however, need to ensure that these projects are sustainable to avoid perpetual dependency on Government and party support.

I would also want to congratulate the party for winning most of the parliamentary and local authority by-elections. This should not, however, give us false comfort.

We should remain focused, and intensify our mobilisation efforts particularly in the face of threats by the opposition political parties ahead of 2018.

Data on distribution of membership forms is disappointing for all provinces and districts except Matabeleland South. We need to interrogate this data and make appropriate decisions.

Implementation of the smart membership card and contact management system should be expedited in order to aid our revenue collection, decision-making and mobilisation process.

I would also want to applaud the launch of the Herbert Chitepo Ideological School given its potential in promoting the party’s ideology which is key to sustaining the party.

Social services and protection remain close to us as the party. We should ensure continued access to food and nutrition, clean water and sanitation, healthcare facilities and education.

I would want to commend various departments for their excellent work although more still needs to be done, particularly in the area of non-communicable diseases such as cancer. Production is vital to our economic recovery.

Let us all work together to rebuild Zimbabwe. Empowerment programmes that the party and Government spearheaded should start to produce meaningful results.

The party should ensure that its policies and resolutions are being implemented. Unfortunately, I have noted some yester-year resolutions that continue to come back every year.

May the responsible department attend to this because procrastination and lack of action should not be tolerated in the party. Let me conclude by reiterating that Zanu-PF is a people’s party and as such, should remain true to its ideals.

We need to strengthen our contacts and interactions with people. I would, therefore, want to applaud all the party organs that have continued to maintain close contact with people.

Long live Zanu-PF!

Long live our independence!

Long live our national sovereignty!

Long live our unity!

Long live our ownership of natural resources!

R.G Mugabe

President and First Secretary of Zanu-PF.

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