‘Unity crucial for prosperity’

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‘Unity  crucial for prosperity’

The Sunday Mail

Lincoln Towindo

The Unity Accord, which brought together Zanu and Zapu under banner of Zanu-PF in 1987, should be guarded jealously as it forms sustainable pillars for the country’s peace and development, Zanu-PF spokesperson Ambassador Simon Khaya Moyo said yesterday.

In a statement to mark this year’s Unity Day, the ruling party said the commemorations of the 1987 pact between former President Robert Mugabe and the late Vice President Dr Joshua Nkomo represent the resolve of Zimbabweans to overcome their differences in order to pursue a shared and prosperous future.

“Today (yesterday) Zimbabwe celebrates Unity Day in honour of the Unity Accord of 22 December 1987 signed by the two erstwhile liberation icons, former President Robert Mugabe and the late Father Zimbabwe Dr Joshua Mqabuko Nkomo on behalf of the then liberation parties Zanu (PF) and PF-Zapu, respectively,” said Amb Moyo.

“The said two liberation movements prosecuted the struggle to its logical conclusion per their liberation armies, Zanla and Zipra.”

He said the sacred agreement must be defended by all.

“In fact, this agreement formed the basis of unity of our people across the country and must be respected and defended at all costs. Efforts to derail it must be condemned.

“The letter and spirit of the Accord must be upheld at all times.

“The unity Accord has no provision for factionalism.

“We have at all party conferences and other fora spoken strongly against factionalism, corruption, tribalism, regionalism and racism.

“The party’s constitution remains supreme.

“We have often heard of the existence of factions within our revolutionary party.

“No one should lead or belong to a faction.

“A principled cadre can only belong to the party with one leader.”

He said President Emmerson Mnangagwa remains the only leader of the revolutionary party following his endorsement during the party’s recently concluded 17th National People’s Conference in Esigodini, Matabeleland South.

“It is therefore incumbent upon all of us to celebrate Unity Day by reflecting and taking stock of our actions as we endeavour to fully subscribe to the party’s motto of Unity, Peace and Development.

“The Unity Accord must be the heartbeat of our body politic.

“Some amongst us are merely paying lip service to this Accord.

“This is unacceptable as it betrays the values, principles and ethos of our liberation struggle.

“We must move away from the politics of division through factionalism, tribalism and regionalism.”

He also expressed the party’s resolve to root out corruption.

“Corruption has no room in Zanu-PF; it is a cancer that destroys the fabric of a nation.

“Those who continue to pay lipservice to the Unity Accord will regret their actions.

“This accord must never be taken for granted.”

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