Unfinished business for the dead

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The Sunday Mail

SOME people strongly believe that there is no connection between the dead and the living.

However, a recent Mwenezi incident suggests otherwise.

After four decades, Nelson Chipetani, in his death, demanded a decent burial as his remains were just ‘lying around’ following his death during the liberation struggle.

Chipetani, it is believed, visited his son through his dreams and told him to accord him a decent burial.

He is said to have led his family to where his remains were lying before they were collected for reburial at the family graveyard.

Zimbabwe National Practitioners Association (ZINPA) president Sekuru Friday Chisanyu said such cases are a common occurrence in African Tradition Religion.

“It brings bad luck to the surviving family if one of them is not buried in accordance with our cultural rites. A person cannot be buried by a stranger and rest in peace. These are some of the issues that cause avenging spirits called ngozi,” he said.

“This shows that there is a connection between the dead and the living. They are not separated.”

He also explained that reburials were done physically although there are spiritual processes that are supposed to be adhered to.

“There is need for cleansing ceremonies to do away with fear from those who were haunted by the dead,” said Sekuru Chisanyu.

“Those who have decided to follow Jesus, they can do whatever rites as prescribed by the Bible. Some people ignore the demands of the dead until someone loses his or her life.”

Union for the Development of Apostolic Churches in Zimbabwe (UDACIZA) secretary general, Reverend Edison Tsvakai said for a deceased person to rest in peace, they must be buried by close relatives.  “Dreaming about the dead means something has to be sorted. It could be a warning of an impending danger,” he said.

“Rituals ought to be performed, be they traditional rituals or Christian. When one is given a proper burial, their spirit rests in eternal peace.”

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