Turnock lusts for more

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Turnock lusts for more

The Sunday Mail

Brighton Zhawi

TOP Zimbabwe junior squash player Tayne Turnock says he emerged a ‘humble and hungry’ player from his World Junior Squash appearance in Chennai last year.

An improved work ethic and an ever-supportive mother has also propelled the 18-year-old to be a star who is fresh from clinching the Zimbabwe Closed Championship.

“It is definitely the start I was after, but it was a start to the many other tournaments I have to look forward to this year,” he said.

“Over the past few months I have been putting a lot of hard work into my fitness which I think definitely pulled me through this past weekend quite a bit.”

Turnock is playing some Professional Squash Association tournaments and he embarks on this journey a different player.

“Definitely; I’m enjoying the PSA tournament that I’m currently playing in, here in Harare.

“I’m also really looking forward to a few others which will be held down South early April, in Cape Town and Johannesburg.

“The goal is to go to the (junior) world champs again this year.

“It (last year’s World Junior Championship’s experience) really humbled me as a player and made me realise that if I am to beat my opponents, whoever they may be, hard work needs to be put in,” said Turnock who trains at least three hours a day every day.

Turnock is an A-Level pupil studying Maths, Physics, Information Technology and English language at Hellenic Academy.

“I’m hoping to go to university in the UK and study for a business degree”, said Turnock who is also a fine cricketer.

What got him into squash?

“Well my mum (Tracie) used to play- but I really took interest in it when I was in form one.

“I think I just enjoy the competition, the work and the feeling of being in my own space when I’m surrounded by those four walls.

“My sister (Shaylee) also represented Zimbabwe squash at both U16 and U19 level but had no intentions of taking it further.

“She is good at a variety of sports, both my parents were also quite into their sport, and I’m no different.

“And just a big thanks to my mum for always supporting me no matter what”.


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