Turn your disappointment into appointment with destiny

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Turn your disappointment into appointment with destiny

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For fear of disappointment, many would rather not try anything.
It is a safe bet. Nothing tried, nothing gained! You cannot win a race that you did not run.
Keep your reputation of attempting nothing and you will become nothing. You will not be hated, and you will also not be celebrated for any heroism or feat.
You will just be ignored by life and despised by posterity.
It is better to face the prospect of disappointment, with your eye firmly on a magnetic vision and your heart and desire fixed on greatness.
Face disappointment as a finite reality within the universe of probabilities, but never lose sight of the infinite possibilities that are inspired by faith, hope and vision.
Disappointment has no age limit, subject selection nor discrimination of size or scale.
A major disappointment to you could just be a slight scratch to someone else. Your calamity could easily be a blessing to someone.
In your disappointment, do not be foolish and behave as though the world has ended and you are the only one left to tell the story.
Many people do not regret the disappointments they faced, but they regret what they did not do that they knew they could have done in those circumstances to better their lot.
Disappointment feels bad, that is true. It dims off the lights of enthusiasm and makes many despair.
Yet, many people who have succeeded and unleashed their greatness have done so after being disappointed several times.
Move from disappointment to disappoint but never lose your crusader spirit. If you have never been disappointed, you are likely playing in the shallow pool of life, some make-believe life games. Even there, disappointment will search out for you.
Disappointment is a necessary part of life. It is the salt of all achievement. It will always come, but will not stay forever, unless you wed it with your despair.
It is not that you have been disappointed that matters but what you do in your moments of disappointment.
Disappointment is not the end, but the beginning of your climb to greatness. Stop counting and enumerating with great oratory your moments of disappointment, just count the number of times that you got up and entered the ring to fight.
Your words shape your worlds.
Disappointment is not death
Dying and disappointment are not the same. They are even spelt differently. To others they look and feel the same, but they are not. Death is permanent and disappointment is temporary. Death is final, but disappointment is a small parenthesis in the continuum of life.
You may be disappointed if you fail, but you are stale if you do not try and dead if you give up trying.
Never let a short term disappointment, a lean season or inclement weather prompt you to make unreasonable lifetime, permanent and insane decisions.
A short season of madness should never make you burn the farm and destroy fences.
Time moves on incredibly fast.
Twenty years from now, no one will care what results you got for your Ordinary or Advanced Levels.
No one will care whether you were once rejected or not. Very few will remember that your business once failed and fewer still will care to keep up with the developments in your life.
Twenty years from now, the boulder of disappointment in front of you will just be like a small pimple on your back.
Your heavy toll of disappointment will be like a tiny feather.
Usually disappointment does not injure you, you are too big for that, it attacks your dear and fragile pride. You are bigger than your pride, greater than your hurts and stronger than your disappointments.
Do not let disappointment or misfortune be your lifetime guest.
Like a tennis ball, the harder you are struck to the ground, the higher you should rise.
New Appointments
In your deepest season of disappointment, set a new appointment with destiny. Accept the pain of disappointment, accept those things that you can not change.
Set a new vision for your life and extend new horizons. The experience of disappointment is too precious for you to waste.
Refuse to park where you collided with disappointment. Set new, exciting and empowering goals. While your pride is injured, set a new loftier goal and horizon. Lift your eyes beyond the hole of disappointment. Set a new appointment with the future.
Get ready for what is coming, not what has already gone. Stop sawing sawdust. This moment of your life is not your future, but it is already history by the time you finish reading this sentence. Expect that you may be let down, turned away or treated unkindly.
You may be hurt and disappointed. It is the process of life and steps in maturity and growth. It may hurt and you may be both materially and mentally bruised.
Never forget that you are not alone in this ordeal.
What you have gone through a million other people have also been down that path.
Realise who you are. You may have failed, but that was an event. You are a winner and not a loser.
You are courage not despair, greatness not mediocrity. You have vision, dreams and something exciting to be alive for in this moment.
Disappointment is mental bankruptcy and torture to the soul.
Launch to new places and spaces and you will agree that seeing life at a new level opens new horizons.
Be calm, patient and strong.
Meet failure and disappointment with courage, clarity and cool-headedness.
Rise in superiority to the trials of life. You cannot triumph without a contrary force. Never give in to hopelessness, despondency or despair.
In danger or adversity, cling to your principles and ideals as a breast-place.
Know that your courage and convictions are not for sale. You are a keeper of the lighthouse.
You are holding a torch that must be passed on to generations unborn. Be bold, face your giants and triumph. Be courageous and outlive your storms and write your story.
Start a new line, open a new chapter. Disappointed but not dead.
Determined, but not fazed. Disappointed but not disillusioned.
There is something bigger and better planted in the future. Dig for it.

Milton Kamwendo is a cutting-edge international transformational and inspirational speaker, author and coach. He can be reached at: [email protected] and Twitter: @MiltonKamwendo or WhatsApp at: 0772422634

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