Turn your disadvantage into an advantage

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Turn your disadvantage into an advantage

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Milton Kamwendo Hunt for Greatness —
Adversity is never meant to kill you and rob you of confidence, clarity and vision. You are stronger than you think, wiser than you know and not as desperate as you feel. Carry your crises with grace and your burdens with patience.

You have more resources than you suspect and deeper imagination than you know. You are the main actor in the movie of your life and main actors never die so easily.

Growing up on the diet of Kung-fu films in a high-density township, it was an established fact that “Bruce Lee never dies”.

He may be struck or fall, but is never defeated. If you are reading this article it means you are alive and therefore there is hope. Hope is always the biggest room in any establishment. Hope will never let you be ashamed because with hope you can engage faith.

With faith all things are possible. It is better to die in hope that to wither in despair.

Do not give up now. Do not get cynical and lose faith in the future. Do not despair and do silly things. Do not just run without any direction. Pick yourself up and stand up when you are hardest hit.

Hope expands to envelope your challenges and swallow up your defeats of the past.

Do not expire in motion and plateau in your prime. Do not let your disadvantage become a chronic and malignant complex.

Your challenges do not deserve celebrity status. Never let your problems become your crutch. Stop feeling pity for yourself. Stop worshipping your situation and start challenging it.

Tough times do not last so long as you are determined to turn your disadvantages into advantages.

Be focused and show dogged determination. Keep moving forward regardless of how slow the pace may me. Add and do not subtract.

It is cowardice to commit suicide and a lack of imagination to give up.

Problems come and go but do not let go until you have arrived. Problems are not meant to detonate you. Your disadvantage is an opportunity waiting to be seized and a mountain itching to be scaled. Do not quit too soon or complain too early.

You are a winner and victor. You do not have to feel it, you just need to know and believe it.

The challenges you face today will not be there forever. Never let temporary situations tempt you to make permanent and fatal mistakes.

Your headaches of today will soon be the jewels in your crown. Your dream should never be crowded by your worries.

Reframe your challenge
Look at your challenge and do not let it scare you. Scare it with your ferocious focus. Challenge your challenges. Doubt your doubts and fear your fears.

Look at the stumbling block on your path as a stepping stone and learn a few high jump lessons.

Whatever you don’t know you can always learn. What you cannot do now you can master eventually.

Let the things you fear be your motivation. Do not be comfortable with ignorance. Run towards your challenges instead of away from them. Use your feet well and stand firm and with conviction. Instead of thinking with your feet, think with your head.

Let your brain run faster than your emotions. Stretch towards your challenge instead of shrinking your confidence.

Revisit the challenges that have visited your life and challenge them.

Stop thinking only of death and perishing. Stop imagining your funeral at every turn. Do not die before you have done so. Love life and live your best in this moment.

Do not expire while you are still alive.

Whatever does not kill you will strengthen you. There is something so strong in you and so deep about you. That is why you are reading this article.

Be like a rubber ball and bounce higher as situations try to strike you to the ground. Duck, dive but do not give up. When you get knocked down, rise again with new determination and fresh vision.

When you fail, do not fail to try again. When you run, do not run into a wall. When you cry, know who is listening.

Your failure is just an opportunity to begin again a little more intelligently.

Once More
You have not reached the end of the road, it is only a fork in the road. A detour is not a destination. Try one more time, step forward one more step.

Your strength is not finished yet even though you feel exhausted, take one more step. Then another, and another.

It is when you are exhausted that you must start trying. It is when your body wants you to stop that your spirit must take over and exert more strength.

Dig deep into inner resources. It is when you are tempted to quit that you must try once more.

When you are hit hard, run faster and catch the ball.

One more step is not too difficult and do not be afraid to take it. Do not let fear stop you from trying one more time. Do what you would do if you were not afraid. Just once more is not too much.

Stretch a little more, then some. Mastery does not come in a day, but daily as you do a little more. A little more is never too much but could just be the little edge you need.

One more step could be your defining moment.

There are no problems without solutions. All things are possible until you stop fighting. Fight with determination and do not faint.

Go into another dimension until you breakthrough. You are too strong to faint so early stay in process.

Do not let those who have given up on their lives encourage you to join their choir. Do not lose confidence and your inner fight.

When in a corner emerge and bring positive surprises. Fight and keep hustling. You have a lion-like heart and there are possibilities beyond your wildest dreams.

It is too early to die without throwing a powerful, meaningful blow on life. You are not ready to die until you have created your own dent on life. You will never outgrow fighting in life; you may as well learn how to fight.

Define and choose your battles.

Inside you are resources of greatness and possibilities beyond your wildest dream. Challenge whatever is stopping you and unleash your greatness.

You are a born winner and champion.

Milton Kamwendo is a leading international transformational and motivational speaker, author and coach; and innovation, team-building and leadership facilitator. Feedback: [email protected], Twitter @MiltonKamwendo and WhatsApp +263772422634.

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