ExQ: True master of the game

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ExQ: True master of the game ExQ

The Sunday Mail

Carter Chapwanya

Society Correspondent

THE dynamicity of culture appears to have been more evident in the evolution of music and society’s appreciation of genres and sounds at different times.

This has, sadly or fortunately, depending on who you ask, been the reason for the decline of some musicians and the rise of many others.

Enoch Munhenga — better known as ExQ — seems to have been one of the few post-2000 crop of artistes to grasp this concept.

ExQ entered the local music industry as a rapper, under the urban grooves banner, and his music has surely evolved, keeping his audiences on their feet.

He remains a force to reckon with, even after two decades in the highly competitive music industry.

With an impressive portfolio of hit songs since his maiden “Musalala” single, Mr Putiti, as he has affectionately come to be known, seems not to be fizzling out.

The singer’s colourful discography features seven studio albums, which all have runaway hits. Songs that quickly come to mind include “Pandakakuona”, “Mazirudo”, “Pane Rudo”, “Nzenza”, “Tsvigiri”, “Wakatemba”, “Nhema” and “Bhachura”.

The songs have left Zimbabweans marvelling at the artiste’s versatility and style.

His latest album, titled “Enoch”, has not only won the hearts of many, but has raised the bar for other musicians of his generation.

The project is composed of mature lyrics, unique and hip-swaying beats. He touches on many societal issues, but with bias towards love and romance.

Big names — among them DJ Tamuka, Jah Prayzah, Freeman, Nutty O, Enzo Ishall, Baba Harare, Voltz and Holy Ten — feature on the singer’s new offering.

This speaks volumes about the diversity on the album considering the aforesaid singers have unique styles.

ExQ’s songs somehow manage to break the barrier between music for the young and the mature with their clever use of modern Afro-pop beats, coupled with Shona lyrics that many can relate to.

Tracks like “Dating Is Not Easy”, “Sweeter”, “Nyope”, “Papi Energy”, “Amour”, “Mwana Iyeyu” and “Kanonaka” have already started making waves on different platforms.

The 16-track album is really easy on the ears. The subtle jazzy feel on most of the songs is reminiscent of the late Oliver Mtukudzi and Dumi Ngulube’s touch, yet not so sombre as to bore younger audiences.

In short, ExQ has not only proved, with this latest offering, that he has mastered the craft, but that he is capable of evolving as an artiste as well.

One of the musician’s fans, Tinotenda Munhazu, said: “In the early years, it was ExQ and Stunner always collaborating. However, they are still friends, but no longer collaborating. Artistes like Stunner failed to mature musically the way ExQ did with the passage of time.”

Another fan, Mukunda Samhembere, added: “Mr Putiti is Zimbabwe’s ambassador of love. This ‘Enoch’ album is whole and solid. Congrats to him on yet another successful project.”

It is, therefore, prudent to note that ExQ is one of the few pioneers of urban grooves music who have managed to stand the test of time.

His proclamation, in the song “Kanonaka”, that he will never fall off is at least, for now, proving to be solid.

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