Sharon Macheso: Triumph of a Sungura Princess

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Sharon Macheso: Triumph of a Sungura Princess Sharon Macheso

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Sharon Macheso

Sharon Macheso

Her face has been splashed on the pages of newspapers, her name linked to a plethora of men. She has even been accused of having aborted a pregnancy

Yet through it all Sharon Macheso has held her head high.

The sungura princess, whose life has been in the public eye because of her father’s star power, walks down the aisle tomorrow with childhood sweetheart, Kudakwashe Munetsi.

It has not been an easy ride. But her parents, Alick and Nyadzisai, have stood by her through thick and thin.

And the proud Baba Sharo and Nyadzisai (the mother) are looking forward to their daughter’s big day.

“They have known each other for 11 years and then decided to marry. Sharon has friends who are equally well-cultured. She saw other spoiled children falling by the wayside and she learnt from their mistakes. I’m proud of Sharon as this also reflects upon her upbringing. She took a lot from us,” reflects Alick.

Sharon’s first controversial appearance in the media was in an article alleging that she was seeing her father’s dancer Francis “Franco” Dhaka. Reports suggested that she was pregnant with the dancer’s child.

Within a short space of time, she was again linked to the late Sam Mtukudzi, who was also said to be madly in love with her.

Being the daughter of a music supremo, Sharon continued to be linked to various characters within the industry.

She was again said to be close to Suluman Chimbetu’s brother, Ali, who strenuously denied there was such a relationship.

At that same time, it was reported that Sharon was head-over-heels in love with Tendai Dembo, son of the late legend, Leonard Dembo.

“Being a daughter of an artiste means we are in a defined community of our own but that does not mean we will be in love,” she was once quoted saying.

Sharon once triggered a huge scene at her father’s show at Harare Gardens when two men clashed over her. She came to the show with Kudakwashe (her then boyfriend) but another guy showed up and threatened to assault her for double-crossing him.

Nyadzisai, the ever-loving mother, attributed the scuffle to an argument the sungura princess was said to have had with her sister.

In 2011 she was hospitalised amid rumours that she suffered complications from a backyard abortion. The dormitory town of Chitungwiza was awash with the allegations within a short space of time.

However, the 24-year-old dismissed the rumours saying she was admitted to hospital because of the recurrence of symptoms of diabetes and hypertension.

As expected, Sharon has often come out publicly to defend and dismiss most of these allegations and accusations. Add to this, Sharo maintained that she was still a virgin.

She has soldiered through it all and tomorrow she ties the knot.

“I have values in life because my parents groomed me well. We have worked so hard for this wedding and we hope nothing will go wrong,” said Sharon last week.

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