Tribute to Sensei George Ephraim “Schwarzenegger’’ Majoni

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The Sunday Mail

Sensei George Ephraim, the very intelligent but humble man from Kwekwe. He started practising karate in the late 1980s. he studied various styles that included Shukokai and Seido thereby getting a lot of experience as both a full contact and semi contact practitioner.

He then found his home in Sankukai Dragons Academy under the guidance of Bulawayo-based Sensei Elias Mwanaka where he managed to get up to the rank of 3rd Dan Black belt instructor.

Sensei Schwarzenegger as Majoni was affectionately known in Zimbabwe karate circles was a teacher by profession. He was teaching at Kwekwe High school where he had produced both academic and karate champions over a long spell touching the lives of many a student, most of them whom have progressed into notable achievers in life.

Sensei Majoni ran a very successful karate club at Kwekwe High which was always coming up with new champions every year as different students went through his guidance.

His last competition was the Dominican Convent inter-schools’ tournament held March 7 at Italian Sports Club in Harare where he brought students, who as expected, had some outstanding results.

Sensei Majoni had been battling with Blood Pressure related kidney ailment and had been on dialysis treatment in Harare and Gweru for a period spanning three years.

Even in the face of such a challenging scenario, Sensei Majoni still managed to invest in the sport he loved to become one of the top referees in the country and the region.

He was a fully qualified Kumite referee at regional level (Africa Union Sports Council – Region 5) where he passed the Kumite referees’ course with flying colours, scoring the highest marks ahead of officials from South Africa, Botswana, Zambia and Mozambique.

The course was run by World Karate Federation chief referee Sensei Javier Escalante.

Sensei Majoni was also a qualified Kumite judge at continental level, a feat only achieved by two other Zimbabweans before – Sensei Joe Rugwete in 2011 and current Zimbabwe chief referee Sensei Eugene Moody in 2015. Sensei Majoni did the country proud by officiating at the 2018 African karate championships in Rwanda.

Sensei Majoni will certainly be missed by the karate family. He was a constant reminder of all the maxims of karate:

Humble: Very reserved, highly qualified and knowledgeable but always willing to listen before politely updating anyone on latest developments.

Consistent: You always knew he would be there despite the circumstances.

Organised: His club was always in good standing. He was always there ahead of time and be it for meetings, courses or competitions.

Polite: Never raised his voice to anyone older or younger. Respectful to all at all times.

Schwarzenegger was the real deal, a true gentleman, a leader and inspired many students through his role as a both a leading karateka and academic.

He was buried Saturday in Gutu.

“The aim of karate lies not in victory or defeat but in perfection of character of its participants,’’ Gichin Funakoshi.

Rest in Eternal Peace brother and teacher.

Joe Rugwete – Zimbabwe Karate Union president


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