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MARONDERA has for the past 50 years been known for having the best schools churning out the best products that have been dominating the corporate world for sometime.

Boasting of the likes of Bernard Mizeki College, Watershed and Peterhouse, such schools have managed to maintain the status quo on the academic front.

The past 24 years have, however, seen the resurgence of another Primary School just within the vicinity of Marondera, a school that has managed to produce the best.

Lendy Park School is a private Christian primary school situated in the heart of Zimbabwe’s beautiful Msasa woodlands, in the town of Marondera.

It started in 1991 out of a vision that felt the need of a sound biblically based Christian education.

Members of the Marondera community formed a Trust with the purpose of establishing a co-educational primary school that would reflect values that would help children grow up holistically.

Lendy Park is a member of the Association of Trust Schools and also of the Association of Christian Schools International (Zimbabwe) and from its beginnings, the school has seen 24 years of growth and has impacted the lives of many children.

Its earliest students have started on their adult lives after college and training. Many have become highly trained in their choice of career.

Lendy Park School headmistress Mrs Martin said the school has developed its infrastructure and has large, airy classrooms, computer room and library, progress centre, music room, and they are in the process of completing the school hall.

She said it also has sports fields and tennis courts and a beautiful large swimming pool.

“The vision through Christian education is to maximise the potential of each child to serve his or her family, country and the kingdom of God.

“The mission is to maintain a Christian school with sound principles and values, which will encourage and nurture each pupil in the development of self-worth and respect of others, leading to a life lived on sound foundation, principles and values,” said Mrs Martin.

The school follows Government syllabus, which culminates in the Grade 7 Zimsec examinations.

“The pass rate for the exam is generally around 96-99 percent, though we had 100 percent pass rate in 2014. The children also add to their knowledge through research done on extra topics which are then often made into class presentations,” she said.

Part of the curriculum involves computer lessons, and Grade 7 children write the CHISZ computer examination, which is both practical and theoretical.

Students at the school take part in the usual inter-school sports events, and hold their own in matches and festivals.

Every child is involved in all sporting activities, which include athletics, cricket, tennis, swimming, hockey, soccer, netball and rugby. They also develop their talents in singing and in playing musical instruments, in art and sewing, and other clubs also help them develop skills.

“Our children are entered for the ABRSM music theory exam. Our teachers are dedicated to helping our children grow up into confident, considerate, respectful and able young people,” said Mrs Martin.

“The school offers boarding facilities and emphasis is placed on the school keeping apace with the changes with technology and we have an inter-active web-site and have started a Schools Management Information System.

“Much value is placed on our children growing up holistically, developing in body, soul, mind and spirit. Children are encouraged to grow in their relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ as their Saviour,” she said.

According to Mrs Martin the ethos of the school is centred around commitment to God’s ways such as respect for ourselves and others, walking in honesty and truth, forgiveness and acceptance.


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