Tobacco rakes in US$81m, still counting

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Tobacco rakes in US$81m, still counting

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Zimbabwe has earned US$81 million so far from the sale of over 26 million kilogrammes of tobacco, statistics availed by the Tobacco Industry and Marketing Board (TIMB) have revealed.The volumes sold so far are 3 million kilogrammes more than the ones that went under the hammer during the same period last year.

However, there has been a 4 percent decline in the money realised as prices averaged US$3,66 a kilogramme last year as compared to the US$3,06 that is presently obtaining on the market.

“Year to date sales rose to 26,5 million kilogrammes at an average price of US$3,06 per kilogramme.
“During the same period last year seasonal sales were 23,1 million kilogrammes, averaging 60 cents more than the current average price,” read a report released by the TIMB last week.

Auction floors have so far handled over 8 million kilogrammes of the golden leaf at an average of US$2,60 per kilogramme while contract sales have gone past the 18,5 million kilogramme mark at an average price of US$3,25 per kilogramme.

14,8 million kilogrammes of tobacco, valued at US$54 million, have so far been exported with Belgium being the leading destination, having so far imported 3,3 million kilogrammes, followed by China, which has 1,8 million kilogrammes.

Meanwhile, the country now has 97 560 registered growers, up from last year’s 77 604.

Mashonaland West province has the highest number of growers with 34 228 followed by Mashonaland Central with 28 648 while the least number is in Matabeleland, which has only 10 growers of the golden leaf.

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