‘To teach is to touch lives forever’

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‘To teach is to touch lives forever’

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They say, to “teach is to touch lives forever’ or that “a teacher takes a hand, opens a mind and touches a heart.”The latter saying is one of those generic, cliché-ridden nonsensical sayings out there, however the first two sayings aptly describes Rufaro Nyembe’s psyche right now.
But then again, they also say, “start by picking the low hanging fruits first”.

Fourteen years after Rufaro’s life was touched, she paid a surprise visit to her former primary school teacher, Mrs Mahembe.

The Heritage School was the scene where teacher and student re-united, and upon realizing who the ever-smiling girl was, Mrs Mahembe, was stunned, emotional and speechless.

“Hello ma’am!”

The two embraced in a tight hug with beaming smiles on their happy faces.

“Oh thank you God, this is wonderful, I can’t believe my eyes,” said a delighted Mrs Mahembe.

After catching up, a now calm and relaxed Mrs Mahembe, still with that lingering smile, takes her special student around other classrooms to share her moment of bliss with her workmates.

“My former student of 14-years-ago, how nice,” she introduced Rufaro.

From one class to another the two go around with Mrs Mahembe introducing her former student to everyone they come across.

“Old student, I taught 14 years ago.

“Old student, I taught 14 years ago.

“Old student, I taught at Gwinyiro in Mufakose,” she said, finally breaking the monotony.

“She has surprised me, oh how wonderful,” she said.

Rufaro, 25, is now a professional teacher.

Her source of inspiration is obvious.

“Mrs Mahembe had a huge impact on my life when I was a young girl,” she said.

“We used to pray and fast together and her passionate teaching style won my heart,” she said.

Rufaro continued: “I encourage everyone out there to do the same, surprise your teacher(s), these people are wonderful.”

Maybe it is true what they say that ‘the influence of a good teacher can never be erased’.

And if you can read this, thank your teacher(s).


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