Tips for decorating with cushions

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Tips for decorating with cushions

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CUSHIONS are an easy and cost-effective way to add an instant update to your interior. We have rounded up some top expert tips for styling with cushions.

How many cushions do I need for my couch?
The number of cushions for your couch really depend on your style and preference. If you like traditional-style rooms then stick to an even numbers of cushions as this will give you a more symmetrical look.

Odd numbers are best suited to eclectic or more modern room styles. While the number of cushions you have on each couch is subjective and once again comes back to the style of room and your personal preference, five cushions on a three-seater couch and four on a two-seater couch is a good guide. If you have a single chair then stick to one cushion.

Do not forget to reuse your cushion inners. If you buy good quality ones at the start, the inners can be used for years and then it is simply a case of buying new covers.
If you have a favourite patterned tea towel, which is simply too good to use, then sew it into a cushion. Two square dinner napkins are also a good size to sew into cushions. Old blankets, knitted jumpers can all be made into cushions too so the options are endless.

What is the perfect amount of cushions/pillows on a bed?
There is no magic formula for the perfect number of pillows on a bed, it is definitely personal preference.  However, here is what we recommend for a beautifully made queen bed.

Start with three euros (and remember they do not all need to be the same, use a contrast for your middle one).  Euros are great as they give the bed height and can act as a headboard if you do not have one.

Layer with two pillows either side, one for sleeping and the other one on top for reading. One statement cushion in front (any shape) can look amazing but is not compulsory!

What is your top cushion styling tip?
Contrast is key — texture, shape, size and pattern. And remember that changing your cushions is a really simple and inexpensive way to update the look of your room.

Always opt for a feather inner. They are more expensive but the quality is far superior. A polyester inner will look flat within weeks, but with a bit of plumping, a feather inner will continue to look fabulous years later, saving you money in the long run.

What colour/type of cushion never goes out of style?
If you have a cushion custom-made in a favourite fabric, you are sure to love it for years.  We love to use cushions as a way to introduce colour and pattern into a space, but you need to break up the pattern with some solid-coloured cushions.

To ensure your cushion never goes out of style, choose a beautiful quality fabric in one of your favourite classic colours: denim blue, mustard yellow, or natural linen. —

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