Tin Tin’s ups and downs

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Tin Tin’s ups and downs

The Sunday Mail

KIM Kardashian, Paris Hilton, Tulisa, Pokello Nare and Tinopona “Tin Tin” Katsande – what do they have in common? Sex tapes.
While the aforementioned Hollywood stars and Zimbabwe’s favourite bad girl, Pokello, have gone on to record phenomenal success in their showbiz careers, the same cannot be said about Tin Tin.
Pokello went to Big Brother Africa, got herself a boyfriend, who by the way paid big money as lobola, and she managed to build her shoe business around that “fame”. One could say Pokello managed to squeeze lemonade out of lemons, but for Tin Tin, well, she might as well be munching lemons right now.
Rising to fame on popular television drama series, Studio 263, in the early 2000s, Tin Tin shocked the nation when her sex tape went viral in 2013. It got her fired from her job at ZiFM.
For a while she fought her employer in the courts to no avail. It is unclear how Tin Tin, her husband Virimai Chigariro and their adorable baby boy, Yambuko Nokutendaishe, are making ends meet.
This reporter managed to track down Chigariro through a mobile phone but the phone was promptly given to Tin Tin upon realisation it was a journalist on the other end of the line.
Tin Tin made it clear that her husband was not talking to the media, which is surprising considering that the husband is said to be a musician.
It seems like he has been ordered off the radar even on social media, having last updated his Twitter and Facebook accounts in September.
The 36-year-old Tin Tin claims that she runs a PR consultancy. “Since end of last year I have been focusing more on behind the scenes work in radio and TV by facilitating TV and radio presenter workshops,” claims Tin Tin.
However, the arrival of baby Yambuko seems to have given her a new lease of life. Some have even called her son a “miracle baby”, considering that the star had earlier on claimed that she suffered from endometriosis, a disease that is associated with pelvic pains and infertility.
The Sunday Mail Leisure had a chat with Tin Tin and she shared some of her ordeals during her journey to motherhood.
“Finding out I was pregnant after being told since my teens that I would probably never have children and then having it confirmed as an adult that I was infertile due to the aggressive endometriosis, was a life defining moment for me.
“Although I had accepted the diagnostics, as a Christian I knew that with God nothing is impossible so I always prayed for God to have mercy on me and one day bless me with my own family. God answered my prayers,” she said. With her condition she said that pregnancy was no walk in the park and she had to overcome numerous obstacles until the final minute.
“Because of the endometriosis, I had a very difficult pregnancy often marred by excruciating pain from the fibroids that grew in my belly as the baby grew.
“I was in and out of the antenatal ward in Harare and Pretoria particularly in the first and second trimester. There was a brief moment in Pretoria where I lost hope that the baby would see it through but my husband, friends and family stood in the gap and focused on me to keep my focus on God.”
Tin Tin has also had to adjust to the drastic changes that were occurring to her both physically and mentally.
“Like any expectant mother I was a bag of anxiety leading up to delivery day but once the baby arrived the anxiety automatically fell away and I switched a gear up into mommy mode.
“My husband is a very hands on dad so coping with sleepless nights, burping and diaper changes is no challenge at all. He is thoroughly enjoying it all.”
She went on to say that the arrival of the baby has also had a positive effect on both family and friends, acting as a magnetic force which brings them closer. Parenting presents a whole new playground that might sometimes affect one’s professional life but the former actress says she will be handling the situation one day at a time.
“Honestly, right now it would be premature to pre-empt how I am going to handle the balance. My husband and I are fully dedicated parents and have active professional and personal lives which obviously will need some adjustments here and there. We have decided that family comes first.”
Tin Tin’s fondness for the young is not new as she was on the forefront of Celebrities Combined, an initiative of public personalities that are celebrated in the arts industry of Zimbabwe with the aim of raising money for children below the age of 14 who are in need of life-saving operations.

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