Tin Tin bounces back

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Tin Tin bounces back

The Sunday Mail

Andrew Moyo —
ZBC TV viewers have lately been spoilt for choice with numerous vibrant shows being introduced to the station.

Dramas and soapies including “Outrage”, “Muzita Rababa”, “Muchaneta” and “Wenera” to name a few, have become a staple for many television lovers, who enjoy watching local content.

Several familiar faces who starred in yesteryear hit productions are featuring in most of the new programmes, bringing in their experience and popularity to spice up the shows.

Veteran actors like Jessesi Mungoshi and Elijah Madzikatire have made a massive comeback on the local television scene with the former even scooping an award at this year’s National Arts Merit Awards (Nama) for Outstanding Actress thanks to her role in “Muzita Rababa”.

One of the finest actresses to ever hit the local screen, Tinopona “Tin Tin” Katsande has also made a comeback to the tube in the new comic drama “KuChina”, which started showing in May on ZBC TV.

After bursting onto the acting scene at the turn of the millennium on the then popular soapie “Studio 263” as Joyce Huni, Tin Tin had not seen much camera action since the show folded.

It has taken 10 years for her to rediscover her passion as she takes on the role of Getty, one of the main characters in the drama.

Getty is known for being super controlling, with a tendency to slightly berate people she holds dear to her heart.

She is dedicated to her friends, standing for all things that empower women. Her dominating nature is put to the test through her marriage when her husband Lucas rescues her from a murder case involving her lover.

Created by Blessing Gatsi, the show is aired at 7pm every Sunday with the first season set to span 13 episodes. The family friendly programme revolves around a group of lady friends and what they will be going through on a daily basis.

The show explores the ups and downs of relations between married couples, lovers, plutonic friendships and the intricate dynamics of family relationships.

The drama also stars talented actresses Delma Chiwereva, Ashley Tatenda Masendeke and Sarah Takawira – making up the main characters.

Speaking to The Sunday Mail Society Tin Tin expressed her delight being back to her first love, acting.

“There is no better feeling than doing what you love and getting paid for it, so I feel very fortunate and thrilled to be back,” said Katsande, adding, “Besides featuring in short films and documentaries, I have not been on a TV series since I left ‘Studio 263’ back in 2007, so it’s been a minute.”

She said acting was her first love, which was the reason why she had decided to get back into the industry.

“As a performing artiste, entertaining people runs in my blood, exudes in my spirit and is a God given talent so no matter how much I try to hide from the craft, it always finds me.

“This is why I took up the opportunity to star on ‘KuChina’ when it came along especially with the fact that I fell in love with the synopsis when Blessing Gatsi presented it to me.”

The actor relishes the character she is playing as it has broadened her acting capabilities, taking on mature responsibilities of being a wife and mother rather than being the child as in her debut role.

She added that it was a great experience being on set with the cast and crew she is working with on the production.

“Being on set is exhausting yet extremely gratifying especially on this flourishing production laden with amazing new talent. Everybody on this production has moulded into a family that is determined to produce an entertaining and quality product.

“With the support and endorsement of ZBC TV in pioneering home grown content I have all the confidence that ‘KuChina’ is a cut above the rest.”

She said that despite having other projects on the side, she was back in the film industry for good.

“I have a couple of projects I am involved in like the new music download app, ZimSound and of cause the expansion of my brand ‘Impeccable’ but my son and my career are at the helm.”

Besides acting, Tin Tin also had a shot at radio as a presenter at ZiFM radio station and has also been involved with charity initiatives including “Celebrities Combined”, which had a mandate for helping underprivileged sick children.

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