Times change, …so must we

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The Sunday Mail

Mhere Chamunorwa
The BVR system works by capturing biometric features of an individual for the purpose of identifying or authenticating the individuals’ identity. Eligible voters will be identified by their biometric features on the polling day. Biological features such as finger print are unique to an individual. Factually, the BVR system is not harmful to the electorate.

The BVR is not electronic or internet voting but it is used only for registration. The young people must register to vote since the process has been made easy and accessible.

Ordinarily, the manual system was marked by slowness, inefficiency, unreliability, unfairness and loaded with risks is duplicate registration and double voting which seriously undermined the reliability and credibility of previous elections, not just in Zimbabwe but across the globe.

The BVR works by counteracting these perturbing features.

It prevents duplicate registration and it is inclusive, quick and efficient.

Nevertheless, the youth are increasingly becoming reluctant to participate in politics abs exercise their right to vote. It is so alarming worldwide. It is worrisome to note that democracy might become weak and weaker right around the world and ultimately in Zimbabwe partly because of this reluctance.

Basically, young people’s participation in the election process upholds and sustains democracy. After all, the population of Zimbabwe is composed of more youth than the aged. Voting is a right. It is how we participate in a civic society.

Democracy does not work without citizen participation.

Universal participation in the elections ensures representation of the popular will. Bad officials are elected by good citizens who do not vote. Besides participation of the young people in the electoral process, democracy will not survive.

I am sure, sane people will not want us to return to the primitive societies of old which were marked by authoritarianism. Therefore the youth of this country must actively and consciously participate in the elections.


More so, it is certainly evident that the world is changing.

Times change and we must change with them. New fields and new professions are popping up, having new demands. Directly or indirectly, many policies concerns students and professionals. It is our purpose as youth and it is our aim to make sure that the political environment is favorable to us. In that endeavor we need to help our people and the coming generations to flourish is improved societies.

Youngsters who are involved in the electoral process affirm their support and acquire a stake in the system. If young people don’t vote, they and their distinct interest are more likely to be ignored or neglected by policy makers. The youth should shape their future in this high  technological era. I believe that voting is the first act of building a community as well

Furthermore the  Biometric Voter Registration process is important for young people because it arouses their interest in politics. Registration process and voting generates interest and awareness of the political sphere in young people.

The youth of this country stay engaged with politics and current events. Voting is an important skill that the youth must learn since they will be voting for the rest of their lives. Go and register, and when the election day comes around, cast your ballot paper in the box.


Shortlisted essays for this week are by Learnmore Darrel and Marshal Shava


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