Timeline for Tafadzwa – Macheso Marriage

20 Apr, 2014 - 00:04 0 Views

The Sunday Mail

July: Macheso-Tafadzwa rumours spread
July: Band members complain of mystery woman

September: First pictures of Macheso and Tafadzwa appear

September: Macheso confirms Tafadzwa affair

December: Macheso-Tafadzwa shop for wardrobe

January: Duo goes for furniture shopping spree, leaving with a truckload

March: Rumours of a third wife circulate

March: Zakaria Zakaria leaves Macheso, band almost split

April: Macheso pays off “third wife’s family”

May: Nyadzisai (Macheso’s first wife) leads delegation for Tafadzwa’s lobola negotiations

May: Macheso moves Nyadzisai and children from Chitungwiza to Waterfalls

August: Tafadzwa gives birth to Alick Jnr

August: Nyadzisai and Tafadzwa appear together in public, pose for pictures

September: Macheso moves Tafadzwa to Waterfalls

October: Macheso’s unreleased material leaks, Tafadzwa is blamed

November: Macheso releases new album (Zvinoda Kutendwa)

November: He unveils son, Alick Jnr, at a Harare Gardens show

January: Franco Slomo, Noel Nyazanda and Elton Muropa ditch Macheso

December: Macheso’s album (Kwatabva Mitunhu) gets a lukewarm response

Attendance at shows dwindles
May: Macheso fails to pay college fees for Sharon in China

May: Jonas Kasamba, Noel Nyazanda and Obert Gomba desert Macheso

July: Last Power Media (Macheso’s record label) collapses

September: Macheso hints on new album, recording studio (both fail to materialise)

April: Macheso-Tafadzwa divorce story breaks

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