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The Sunday Mail

Rutendo  Mahara

Roosevelt Girls High; Form 4

The sun has come, the mists have gone.

The sands of time run fast and run slow,

How much time we have, we just cannot know.

Time wasted is

Just like a stone after it’s thrown into an ocean.

Right and wrong choices are made,

As the day goes and the sun fades.

People are loved and hearts are broken,

As the day goes and words are spoken.

Promises are made  but are never kept

Broken promises lead to broken trust,

Trust which took years to build and seconds to break.

Smiles and frowns are shown on faces, Happiness and sadness are felt by all, As the day goes and the night falls.

Tears of joy and tears of pain are shed.

Time is like a river,

You cannot touch the same water twice. Enjoy every moment of your life,

The more it goes, the more it is gone.

Tick tock the sound of a clock,

Loud and clear, it is always near.

How precious is time,

To waste it is a crime.

Time is a powerful tool,

To misuse it is to be a fool!

A year from now you might wish you had started today!

Time is a non-renewable resource

It will never be re-established.

For time never waits for anyone.

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