Inspiration: ‘Throw your Boomerang Towards Greatness’

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Inspiration: ‘Throw your Boomerang Towards Greatness’

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BOOMERANGA BOOMERANG is a device that when thrown swirls in the air and returns back to the thrower. Traditionally boomerangs were used for hunting and sport.
They helped rouse hiding prey and at times were used as weapons. There were made of wood or bone and today they are made of various modern materials that promote aeroflot.

You may wonder what a boomerang has to do with you?

Everything, because you are a product of boomerangs. Whatever you do or say obeys the boomerang effect. It all comes back home to roost.

The key to greatness is understanding the boomerang effect and use it to your advantage.

If you do not, the law will just work against you and you will keep wondering why you remain stuck, confused and frustrated.

Do not blame other people for your miseries. Until you take personal responsibility, nothing much will change because what is within influences what comes from without.

Words are things and they fly from our mouths daily. Words still have effect whether they are thrown casually, purposefully, in jest or just as a grandstanding statement. Words are things, spirit and life. Your words are creating your life experiences every time through the boomerang effect. If you want good in your life, speak good and bless your way to greatness. When you curse, berate and lampoon, you are just creating a pipeline and an inventory of evil directed towards yourself. When your words change, the boomerang effect in your life changes its yield content and velocity.

You become what your words boomerang. Wisdom or folly, life or death, spite and hate, it all starts in your mouth. You can trace where you are today to the words you were speaking persistently in the past. To know where you are going just listen to your own words.

Throwing a boomerang is an art, craft and sport. Take time to think good thoughts so that you can artfully throw good words. I am not suggesting coarse flutter in any way. Always be prepared to bless and carry a good report.

Sweet words are like a honeycomb. Gracious words create a boomerang momentum of goodness and favour.

Every word that you speak counts. You are accountable for every casual toxic tirade that you spew out. Your local environmental agency will never leave you running about free after dumping toxic waste.

You may feel relived of your waste, but that does not make you innocent, neither does that stop the toxicity.

Words spoken carelessly today could still be itching after years.

Whenever you open your mouth, you are creating a culture. Leaders know that what they say affects what those who follow them do and believe. When leaders speak responsibly, progress is enabled. When leaders speak irresponsibly, they destroy much good and cause many to stray for generations. A leader’s most prized possession is all his words.

Not forgiving is toxic. Boomerang goodness comes through forgiveness. You cannot keep holding a grudge and hurt for years without harming yourself, your body or mind. Detoxify your life through forgiveness. Anyone who has never been hurt has not been living. Anyone who does not forgive is not doing himself a favour. Who can you forgive today? Do not delay sending that positive boomerang of forgiveness today.

Giving is not a function of resource, but spirit and mindset. There is more that can be given than money. Every day is an opportunity to give and whatever you give boomerangs back to you usually with multiplied force.

Give what you have and give purposefully and creatively. Be a scout of good and give generous compliments. Give time and love. Give attention and answer needs. Whatever good you give is never lost because no boomerang is ever lost. It may take long in coming or mutate in shape, but it is never lost.

Going around expecting a boomerang to come flying back to you when you have not given and sent out any looks foolish. It happens, unfortunately. Many are going around looking for what they can take out and get. Give your way to greatness. Be obsessed with a spirit of giving. The spirit of giving is seeking to put someone into a place of advantage. Think responsibly, act intelligently and speak kindly.

Perhaps one of the boomerangs that has been lost over time is the boomerang of honour. Honour is not bootlicking or sycophancy. Giving honour is the key to greatness. When you fail to honour, you will always be possessed with spite and jealousy. Jealousy is unfortunately not a strategy, strength or a good boomerang. Honour and affirm those who have done well. Honour those who serve with integrity, commitment and diligence. When good is not celebrated, people celebrate folly and the felling of others. No community can be built by people who are obsessed with working and speaking against each other. There is a popular saying that goes: “Those who live by the sword die by the sword.” The same can be said of the boomerang of dishonour, it just returns dishonour and shame. No community is ever built through destroying what has been built or those trying to build.

Some people are waiting until they are excessively wealthy before they can start giving. That is waiting unnecessarily too long. There is so much abundance around us. Hoarding and corruption are poverty boomerangs.
A few haves, and a lot of have-nots is a recipe for unrest and social discomfort.

You can give and make a purposeful difference in your space and area of concern. The boomerang of giving is a tool for blessing and joy.

Boomerangs have in all time been objects of pride. They were carved with care and engraved with attention and skill. They were kept with pride and not casually thrown away or dumped. All this is an attitude of responsibility. Be proud to make a difference and share some good with someone.

Take responsibility for your life and for the things that you give and issue forth. What you do today is a seed that in time you will harvest. What you say is a boomerang. You are where you are because of you. To change your life purposefully, seek new boomerangs to throw into your life timeline. Life is rich and abundant. You do not serve a poor God and you have not come to a barren world without possibilities.

What are you throwing? What are you going to change? Who have you forgiven?

Committed to your greatness.

Milton Kamwendo is a cutting-edge international transformational and inspirational speaker, author and coach. He is a strategy and innovation consultant and leadership coach. His life purpose is to inspire people to release the greatness trapped in them. He can be reached at: [email protected] and his Twitter handle is: @MiltonKamwendo.

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