Those who don’t deserve

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Those who don’t deserve

The Sunday Mail

Delight Chitingwiza 4th Year
Chinhoyi University of Technology

No matter how much I strive, no matter how much I try,

I will always be steps away from being good enough

Disappointment and weariness adorning every step

Like a tree on the highest peak, I will always long for appreciation

I will be famished but never filled, thirst but never quenched

Like a pawn in a game of chess, I have no sentimental value

I am just a drop in the ocean,

One of those who don’t deserve praise


From the hilltops they will shout my name

Echoes bouncing from mountains,

I will make promises and never break a single one

My good deeds will cheer me on from the crowds,

Without hesitation they will still ignore my call

Hand me over the throne,

Like a fantasy I will disappear into thin air,

I am just a part of those who don’t deserve to lead


Cupid my only hope, where are you hiding?

From edge to edge I have been calling out for you,

Let the heart break, it will heal again,

Let it taste the warmth of your gift one more time

Strolling around with everything in the world,

Pleasures bursting from every corner


Fun springing up like an unending tale, wealth caramelizes my life

Though I still long for one thing to finally marinate my life for that burst of sourness

I keep staring in the wind, arms already in formation to welcome you

My eyes are growing weary, my feet are tired from the waiting

Will you ever grace me with your presence?

Or maybe I am just a part of those who don’t deserve to be loved


Oh hear my cry, oh beloved nation lend me your ears

Heed my call as I plead my case,

As depression oozes from my body

All I ask for is a minute for my story


The universe is my only witness

My testimony is my Advocate

For once I put all my eggs in one basket,

Trusting in you to deliver the verdict

I am just a hopeless victim

Feeding on crumbs from your morsel of mercy

I stand waiting for your counsel,

Impetuously you give your final word

Grudgingly I trod back to my haven,

Tears and sweat my accomplices

All rise in court,

Here’s one who doesn’t deserve justice.


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