Things Cremer does for love

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Things Cremer does for love

The Sunday Mail

Tinashe Kusema

GRAEME CREMER shocked many when he chose to press the pause button on his cricket career in order to play the role of a stay at home dad in Dubai.

But to the former Chevrons captain’s wife Merna Moore that decision was far from shocking, that what Cremer is all about.

The 32-year old leg spinner always puts his family first.

The Cremers have since moved to the United Arab Emirates where Merna is scheduled to start her new job with Fly Emirates while Graeme baby sits the kids, Zac (6) and Max (3).

“Relocating was never going to be an easy decision to make. This is something we sat down as a family and decided on together. We agreed that this was the best decision at this point in our lives,” said Merna.

“I know many were surprised that Graeme walked away from cricket at his prime but I wasn’t, he is a fantastic husband and father.

“I will always be appreciative for having such a loving husband and great father to my kids.”

Creamer has been one of the Chevrons’ key players for some time now boasting of 19 Tests, 96 one-day internationals and 29 Twenty20 internationals under his belt.

The former skipper has a combined 211 wickets for Zimbabwe across all formats.

Cremer was expected to play a key role in Zimbabwe’s rebuilding exercise following the pain of missing out on this year’s ICC Cricket World Cup.

However, the leg spinner has decided to return the favour and support a woman who has been by his side through thick and thin.

But who is this woman that has robbed the Chevrons of one of their most trusted lieutenants?

Born November 19, 1983; Merna Moore is, for lack of a better description the quintessential WAG, a term used to refer to the Wives and Girlfriends of popular sportsmen.

“Yes I am most definitely familiar with the terms WAG,” said Mai Cremer, as is affectionately known within cricket circles, in an interview from her new base.

“It is something one probably associates with America and the footballers, soccer players and basketball wives and girlfriends there.

“It hasn’t really caught on in Zim and we don’t have the drama, cattiness or fighting one sees on the television shows, but I don’t really mind the label though.”

Mai Cremer’s two passions remain her loyalty to her husband, both on and off the pitch, and her love for the open skies

Her love for Graeme is the only thing that rivals the allure of the open skies and Mai Cremer hopes that she will soon be able to watch Graeme do his thing on the park.

“I love watching Graeme play cricket, and hope to do it again soon,” she said.

“He has inspired me so much with his professionalism, discipline and dedication to his sport.

“It is through cricket that I have managed develop close relationships and form lasting friendships with some of his teammates and their wives.

“We had some really great moments together, with Sri Lanka tour being the most memorable.

“To the all our friends, family and the entire Zimbabwe cricket community, I would like to say thank you all for the support this far and hope to be back home soon.”

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