‘These girls are achievers’

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‘These girls  are achievers’

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Jubilee Zimidzi, Zengeza 1 High
Citizen Child Reporter

Samantha Mavunga and Vaileen Mushonga just smashed records – becoming the first girls to score 20 points in the history of Zengeza 1 High School A-Level results records. They raised the flag of Chitungwiza community higher and higher.

The school had 42 pupils that had 15 points or above. Samantha, a former prefect scored As in Mathematics, Accounting, Business Studies and Statistics. Her colleague had the same points and symbols but in Mathematics, Statistics, Biology and Chemistry.

Their backgrounds play a great part in their success. Samantha is a half orphan and stays with her mother and grandmother. Her grandmother is her source of inspiration. She has been encouraging her all the way to work extra hard. Her mother is a local vendor and they survive on selling vegetables at the market place. Last year towards her final examinations she lost her aunt who was responsible for her educational fees. She had to be strong and she managed to pull through.

Vaileen on the other hand is the first born in her family. She said she was under so much pressure to inspire her siblings. She recalls her grandpa being the first to teach her long division mathematics. She dedicated her triumph in the 2018 Zimsec November exams to her mother and her aunt Plucky.

Furthermore she expressed much gratitude to the ZIMDEF for taking care of her A-Level fees through the STEM initiative.  Both girls extended their appreciation to their former teacher whom they said was like a mother.

“Mrs Warikandwa would always talk to us and encourage us to be strong as young girls. She was our mentor, pillar and inspiration through the Youth Sanctuary Club and Scripture Union” said Samantha.

The battle has been won, but the journey continues. Samantha’s future can only be bright if she manages to get a scholarship. She applied to a number of organisations including the Presidential and National Scholarship. Vaileen also applied to the Presidential and National Scholarship but she is worried that chances are very slim for them to be shortlisted as many students seemed to have applied.

“Too many people applied but we are hoping that by the grace of the Lord we can be shortlisted”.

Samantha wants to study Actuarial Science or Accounting and Vaileen will take up Medicine. Samantha and Vaileen are true epitomes and pace setters for the girl child at large. Remember that success only comes to those who want it and are ready to sweat for it.


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