There’s a new chef in town

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There’s a new chef in town

The Sunday Mail

A 14kg burger is something that only exists in cartoons.

As well as at 49 Cork Road in Avondale, Harare, where Chef T Texas BBQ recently opened its doors to the public.

This restaurant is bringing Texan culinary delights to Zimbabweans. And whoever said everything is bigger in Texas must have seen the 14kg burger.

Chef T Texas has a rodeo bull, a machine that replicates the sensation of riding a bucking bull for as long as possible.

Lush vegetation and artistic landscaping gives the garden a serene feel that is perfect for relaxation if one isn’t keen on taming the bull.

And Chef T Texas has a solid entertainment mix, bringing comedy nights and musical concerts that can fill the void left by The Book Café’s closure in 2015.

Owner Tamuka “Chef T” Gwatidzo says he wants to bring a slice of Texas to Zimbabwe.

“Many people in Zimbabwe can relate to the Texan culture through what they would have seen on television so I wanted to bring that vibe this side.

“In Texas when it comes to food portion size, everything seems to be big, which is why you will realise that most of our meals are mega-sized.

“I wanted to start a place where you get more for your money. It is cheaper to buy you own ingredients and cook at home but here you can come and experience something different, something you don’t get to enjoy every day at home,” Chef T says.

The 14kg burger can feed 15 to 20 people – depending on appetites!


“We also have the Pookie Burger, which is made up of noodles and meat. Another interesting one is the Meat Lover’s Burger, which incorporates chicken, beef, sausage and pork chops.

“Here we are trying to fuse the American and African cuisines into one thing so we are guaranteeing our customers really interesting meals,” says Chef T.

Comfortable with getting your hands dirty while eating?


Then this is the place to be because with their mega meals, there is no way around getting messy.

The restaurant has already hosted numerous events with sights on becoming the capital’s new home of comedy, and Alexio Kawara’s KuChina concept, among other things.

“Our week is packed with exciting events. For example, on Monday we have the Open Mic Detox Night, Tuesday we have Comedy Nights, Wednesday Lady’s Night, Thursdays we have Alexio’s KuChina and so on.”

A Shisha Bar has been opened and a “private lounge” for members only is in the works.

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