‘The time to act is now’

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‘The time to act is now’ Vendors buy veggies at the Mbare musika thereby defying the ban against gatherings. Picture by Innocent Makawa

The Sunday Mail

Ropafadzo Mauto

I AM so concerned about my nation, Zimbabwe.

Most people appear not to be taking the dangers of this virus seriously.

The virus, which was first unknown to the world late last year, is now a pandemic.  Zimbabwe should take lessons from China to curb the spread of this monster.

The novel coronavirus is slowing down in China and this is all attributed to the way the Asian country reacted to the pandemic considering its magnitude.

There is a sharp rise in new cases across the globe, which means the world is not ready to handle the coronavirus with speed and seriousness.

Italy, Switzerland, England and Spain and other European countries cumulatively have over 100 000 confirmed cases. China managed to contain the virus due to the drastic measures authorities put in place.

The measures took away people’s social life, cost the economy, not to mention the second-order problem, like access to health care for people suffering other medical conditions outside Covid-19.

Is Zimbabwe is willing to pay such a big price?


It is only the Government that can make that call, but citizens should also play their part in helping curb the spread of the disease at individual level.

China resorted to total lockdown, where streets became uneventful places, painting a gloomy picture for the nation. Nobody was allowed to roam the streets.

Every person had to stay indoors, quarantined, despite fears that some would go hungry.

For the Chinese government, eradicating the pandemic at all cost was priority.

Everyone was urged to go for testing.

Also, wearing face masks was strongly advised.

All community entrances became checkpoints at which you had to produce an identification document to pass and your temperature monitored.

Mall entrances had checkpoints and disinfectants, too.

The use of sanitisers and disinfectants are greatly advised and are believed to have helped many.

As we speak, the Chinese are now used to wash their hands each time they come from outside, including washing of foodstuffs and any other washable objects.

Disinfectants were sprayed wherever the public touches – elevator buttons, door handles and gate handles.

However, face masks progressively became scarce.

Supermarkets and ATMs remained opened.

But you would not be allowed to enter the supermarket without a face mask, which reasonably was for the good of the public.

No one went to work during the total lockdown.

No luxury, no food choice, no social life – the lockdown takes away all your happiness.

We spent most of the day sleeping and struggled to do the same at night.

In the early days of the outbreak, many panicked.

Retail sales, manufacturing activities and investments also declined.

But all the losses were for the general good.

Time for the Government to act is now.

In the meantime, stay at home to avoid infections.

Ropafadzo Mauto is a Zimbabwean who has been based in China for the past seven years. He gave his opinion in an interview with The Sunday Mail Society correspondent, Desmond Munemo.


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