The sweaty miserable wives

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The sweaty miserable wives

The Sunday Mail

Wendy Nyakurerwa Her Point of View  —
I had a dream last night.  I’m no prophetess, for I’m not married to any prophet, seeing as it is sometimes imparted that way; but l had a very clear vision.       

In this revelation, I saw hordes of women moving around tirelessly carrying pots and pans. They had flour and grease smudged all over their aprons and hair. The women were constantly wiping sweat off their pretty faces using the back of their hands.

The day in this dream was Sunday, December the 25th.

It was some mega-celebration of sorts, with men and the countless children dancing to loud music while chewing at the endless delicacies that kept flowing from the kitchen.

I could swear that I smelt the aroma that filled the air, but I won’t. However, the merry mood definitely rubbed off on me.

Just as l was to approach the men so as to persuade them to break tradition and pamper their wives a little bit on this dream Christmas, my alarm went off and l had to prepare for work.

So I made a mental note that l would deliver the message nevertheless. Dear brothers, Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones.

Please note that there is nothing merry about spending the whole day in a scotching kitchen.

In as much as the whole family might enjoy this, the person who is toiling in the kitchen the entire Christmas is not exactly taking pleasure in this!

Trust me on that one, I have just let you in on every woman’s inner most secret.

While she might be smiling, cooking and cleaning all day is not really her idea of spending Christmas with the family.

For the doubting Thomases, please check if she will heartily devour the meat that she has been roosting all day in the same manner you are doing. You will notice that she will only nibble at it. Why? Because she is too tired to enjoy it.

So what is she driving at? You are starting to wonder.

Break the tradition this time around and take the queen of the house out so that everyone has an equal chance to be merry.

For goodness sake, she has been taking care of the family for the past 360 days of this year! Why not pamper her on this one day?

I hear my brother from the other mother shouting at the top of his voice that finances are tough, that what I’m suggesting is unnecessarily pricey.

Not true, brother. There are places where the family can have fun at low costs. When you pamper your wife, you don’t have to do anything that blows your budget. It is very possible to do so within your means.

Just look around you and you will see what I am talking about.

You can all thank me later after you have enjoyed yourselves.

Happy holidays!

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