The political parties

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The political parties

The Sunday Mail

Below is the list of the 133 political parties set to contest tomorrow’s harmonised elections.

  1. #1980FMZ- #1980 Freedom Zimbabwe

2.. ADP- African Democratic Party

  1. AKE- Alliance Khumbule’ Ekhaya
  2. ANSA- Alliance for National Salvation
  3. APA- Alliance for the People’s Agenda
  4. BCP- Bethel Christian Party
  5. Busier Busier
  6. BZA- Build Zimbabwe Alliance
  7. CP- Chiefs Party
  8. CTD- Congress for True Democracy
  9. DARE- Democratic Assembly for Restoration and Empowerment
  10. DA-UPP- Democratic Alliance- United People`s Party
  11. DAVID- Divine Alliance for Vitalisation of Inspired Development
  12. DAZ- Democratic Alliance Zimbabwe
  13. DOP- Democratic Opposition Party of Zimbabwe
  14. DPZ- Democratic Party of Zimbabwe
  15. DRK- Democratic Revolution Kommand
  16. DRP- Democracy Restoration Party
  17. ENDP- Economic National Democratic Party
  18. ERA- Economic Reform Assembly
  19. ERP- Economic Reconstruction Party
  20. FDZ- Federal Democrats of Zimbabwe
  21. FF- Freedom Front
  22. FJCZ- Freedom Justice Coalition Zimbabwe
  23. FLOANP (formally ANP)- Forces of the Liberation Organisation of African National Party
  24. FZC- Freezim Congress
  25. G40- Generation 40
  26. GNSD- Gungaisizwe Nationalistic Social Democrats
  27. GPM: ZPP- Zimbabwe People’s Party: Good People’s Movement
  28. J JDP- Justice and Development Party
  29. KP- Kambizi Party
  30. LD- Liberal Democrats
  31. LP- Liberation Party
  32. LWTF- Long Walk To Freedom
  33. MAAT-Zimbabwe MAAT – Zimbabwe
  34. MAYAZ- Movement Amalgamating Youths to Advance Zimbabwe
  35. MCD- Multi-Racial Christian Democrats
  36. MDC- Movement for Democratic Change
  37. MDC- T- Movement For Democratic Change
  38. MDC-T Movement For Democratic Change – Tsvangirai
  39. MKD- Mavambo Kusile Dawn
  40. MNP- Mthwakazi National Party
  41. MPDPZ- Multi People’s Democratic Party of Zimbabwe
  42. MRP- Mtwakazi Republic Party
  43. NDC- National Democratic Congress
  44. NAP- National Action Party
  45. NAPDR- Nationalists Alliance of Patriotic and Democratic Republicans
  46. NCA- National Constitutional Assembly
  47. NDC- National Democratic Congress
  48. NEPF- National Empowerment Progressive Front Party
  49. NP- New Page
  50. NPF- National Patriotic Front
  51. NPF- (formally PIMZ) New Patriotic Front
  52. NPJE- National Party for Justice and Economics
  53. NPP- National People’s Party
  54. NUP- National Unity Party
  55. NZDC- New Zimbabwe Democratic Change
  56. NZDP- New Zimbabwe Democratic Party
  57. NZRP- New Zimbabwe Republican Party
  58. PACD- Progressive Alliance of Christian Democrats
  59. PDP- People’s Democratic Party
  60. PDU- People’s Democratic Union
  61. PDZ- Progressive Democrats of Zimbabwe
  62. PIMZ- Progressive and Innovative Movement of Zimbabwe
  63. PPPZ- People’s Progressive Party Zimbabwe
  64. RAC- Righteous African Congratulation Party
  65. RDP- Rainbow Democratic Party
  66. RPDZ Real Progressive Democrats of Zimbabwe
  67. RPZ- Republican Party of Zimbabwe
  68. RZFP- Rise-up Zimbabwe Freedom Party
  69. RZP- Rebuilding Zimbabwe Party
  70. SAPAZIM-SPZ- Salvation Political Party Zimbabwe
  71. SDP- Sustainable Development Party
  72. SUVOZ- Suffering Voices of Zimbabwe
  73. TAD- The African Democrats
  74. TIZ- Total Independence of Zimbabwe
  75. TKC- Thy Kingdom Come
  76. TZ- Transform Zimbabwe
  77. UANC- United African National Council
  78. UCA- United Christian Alliance
  79. UCAD- United Crusade for Achieving Democracy
  80. UCADGPZ- United Crusade for Achieving Democracy Green Party of Zimbabwe
  81. UDA- United Democratic Alliance
  82. UDF- United Democratic Front
  83. UDM- (changed from UMUP) United Democracy Movement (changed from United Movement and Unions Party)
  84. UDP- United Development Party
  85. UMD- United Movement for Democracy
  86. UMD- United Movement for Devolution
  87. UPP- United People`s Party
  88. UPZ- Unity Party Zimbabwe
  89. URFZ- United Residents Front of Zimbabwe
  90. USSAC- Union of Socialist States of the African Continent
  91. VIVA- Voices In The Vision of Africa
  92. VOP- Voice of the People
  93. VP- Vanhu Party
  94. WOYE- Word Of Yahwe Expression
  95. ZANU – PF- Zimbabwe African National Union Patriotic Front
  96. ZANU NDONGA- Zimbabwe African National Union -Ndonga
  98. ZAPU- Zimbabwe African People`s Union
  99. ZCP- Zimbabwe Communists Party
  100. ZCPF- Zimbabwe Citizen Party Forum
  101. ZDC- Zimbabwe Democratic Change
  102. ZDP- Zimbabwe Development Party
  103. ZDPP- Zimbabwe Democratic and Patriotic Party
  104. ZDRP
  105. ZEFF- Zimbabwe Economic Freedom Fighters
  106. ZEFP- Zimbabwe Economic Freedom Party
  107. ZIA- Zimbabwe In Alliance
  108. Zimfirst- Zimbabwe First Party
  109. ZIM-ID- Zimbabwe Independent Democrats
  110. ZimPF- Zimbabwe People First
  111. ZINACO- Zimbabwe National Congress
  112. ZIPP- Zimbabwe Partnership for Prosperity
  113. ZITA- Zimbabwe Transitional Alliance
  114. ZITER- Zimbabwe Industrial & Technological Revolutionary Party
  115. ZIYA- Zimbabwe Youth in Alliance
  116. ZLD- Zimbabwe Liberation Democrats
  117. ZLP- Zimbabwe Labour Party
  118. ZNRC- Zimbabwe National Redemption Congress
  119. ZOOPP- Zimbabwe Organized Open Political Party
  120. ZPF- Zimbabwe People First
  121. ZPF- Zimbabwe People’s Front
  122. ZPFU- Zimbabwe Provincial Federal Unity
  123. ZPM- Zimbabwe Patriotic Movement
  124. ZPV- Zimbabwe People’s Voice
  125. ZRDP- Zimbabwe Rainbow Democratic Party
  126. ZRDP- Zimbabwe Revolutionary Democratic Party
  127. ZRF- Zimbabwe Republican Front
  128. ZRP- Zimbabwe Republican Party
  129. ZUDA- Zimbabwe United Democratic Alliance
  130. ZUM- Zimbabwe Uhuru Movement
  131. ZUNDE- Zimbabwe United for Democracy


1.PRCOPP- People’s Rainbow Coalition Of Opposition Political Parties

2.CODE- Coalition Of Democrats

3.MDC Alliance- Movement FOr Democratic Change Alliance

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