The miracle baby

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The miracle baby Dr Guti Jnr

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The following are excerpts from the book titled, “The Man Who Defied Condition” written by Dr Ezekiel Guti Jnr. He is son to founders of Zaoga FIF, Archbishops Ezekiel and Eunor Guti. Read on:

Dr Ezekiel Guti Jnr

A story you need to know

An extract from Zaoga FIF History Book

My parents were praying for a baby boy since they had girls only. When my mother was pregnant they kept on agreeing with my father together with the church of God believing that it was going to be a baby boy.

While my mother was in labour it happened that the baby turned to be a breech (instead of the head to come out first, the legs came out first) and this shocked the doctor.

Doctors thought that maybe my mother was carrying twins, they took an x-ray to confirm and found out that it was just a single child with an extended head and arms and at this stage those in the medical field would understand that it was too late to opt for the caesarean section and that time medically my heart had stopped functioning and the nurses present there began to whisper at each other that the baby was dead thinking that my mother was not hearing what they were saying.

The doctor pulled out the baby with difficulty and after some time I came out already declared dead in the eyes of man. My father was seating by the corner of the room praying to his God that he would bring me back to life as the doctor was also trying all he knew from medical practice to make me breathe but it was all in vain.

There was no life at all, so he pronounced the baby dead and went away but my mother and my father and the saints of Christ refused the doctor’s report through prayer and kept on praying until 1 hour 45 minutes when I started breathing and God had heard their prayers and also had raised me for a purpose, that is to preach His Good News as a living testimony. They gave me oxygen, and I finished four cylinders in 3 days. My eyes and whole face were swollen.

They wanted to discontinue the oxygen so my life would come to an end. But they could not do it while my mother was there. They thought of a way to send her away by saying all the beds are full therefore go home. But my mother would not take it because she knew their tactics. She said that I will sleep on the floor. But they said no one is allowed to sleep on the floor.

After they saw that she would not give in they showed her an oxygen cylinder store room that had no lights and in it was a bed that was just put there. She said I will rather sleep in here than go home. For four days she slept in there, and later they put her into the wards. God filled her with boldness. For He knew that I was purposed to preach and bring glad tidings of the kingdom.

Luke 8:1 “Now it came to pass, afterward, that He went through every city and village, preaching and bringing the glad tidings of the kingdom of God. And the twelve were with Him.

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