The lengths that women go for pleasure

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Transparent Mainini BeatriceSexual pleasure!
The trouble that women go through for their sexual pleasure and of course, for their men too!From almost deforming their God-given human parts, going through unbearable pain to tolerating real “machine guns” and if you are unlucky, even the small guns.

Yes, it takes massive endurance to live the rest of your married life with a “small gun”.
There is one sexual practice that has long caught my eye and, yes, my ear as well.

In Zimbabwe, I am told it is mainly practised amongst the Korekore who are mostly found in Mashonaland Central and West provinces, the Zezuru in Mashonaland East mainly, and the Shangaan in Masvingo.

Because of the population’s mobility, it is also becoming very common in most urban communities in Zimbabwe.
The vernacular name for the product of this particular practice that has enticed my interest is UNPRINTABLE. So, I will stick to the English words to describe the process.

The beauty of English!
The process is commonly referred to as “kudhonza”. Pulling!
I am talking of the labia elongation that is done by women in the identified tribes.

According to the O-v Guide site, elongated labia is a feature of certain Khoisan groups, whose female members develop relatively elongated labia, hanging up to four inches outside their vulva when they are standing in an upright position.

“The ‘apron’ moniker was apparently gained from the tendency of early European descriptions to mis-identify the pair of labia as a single, wide organ, which they called, in French, a tablier, or ‘apron’,” states the site. This trait, the site states, was first noted as far back as the 17th century, but became extensively documented in the last part of the 18th and 19th century.

From an African Wife’s View blog, in her country (she does not mention it) labia pulling starts when a girl starts her periods. She pulls them every day after she takes a bath until they reach the desired length.

“The general belief is that elongated inner labia swell more during sexual excitement, and in doing so, provide a much bigger surface area for penile friction during coitus. The belief is that a woman with longer labia has more to offer sexually.”

I did not say this! This is from probably another African woman like me who has experience in these things.
This African Wife goes on to say to westerners and those ignorant of this traditional practice, that there can be a misconception that African men oppress their women and force this practice on them for their sexual gratification. And I agree with her, this is not the case at all.

In most cases, believe you me, the young men cannot even tell the difference between the pulled and non-pulled labia. But what I know for sure is that once a man who has been fed the un-elongated porridge finally tastes the elongated one, all hell breaks loose!

Some divorced un-elongated women say the day their men tasted the elongated ones was the day their marital woes started.
I have also seen and heard of un-elongated women who were forced (by circumstances, perhaps their men tasted and they felt the heat of having to compete with a well-elongated woman) to try and do it. Yes, in Harare there are several sex schools in high-density suburbs where elderly women teach the women how to do it. We will talk about this extensively very soon. Some of the men have told me, elongated labia are a joy during that period when you need ‘‘quality time’’ with your loved one.

Details censored.
Please men, do not try to experiment and compare. Mungazoramba vamakachata navo!
The O-v Guide goes on to say labia may also be shaped by intentional labia stretching, usually done by an aunt on girls beginning at the age of four or five, a practice formally falling into the category of Type IV female genital mutilation.

Female genital mutilation? Pulling? Haibo … who says this?
In 2008 The World Health Organisation re-classified the practice as a body modification due to a perceived lack of harm and a reported positive perception of women’s sexuality by those who practise it! They did the right thing.

But according to some elderly women, who live and are custodians of Chief Rusambo’s court customs, the girls have to start the process of elongating their labia early before they start their menstruation periods.

The process starts as early as around age 10, before the girl enters puberty.
This, said the elders, was to lessen the pain before the labia are tainted by menstrual blood, nyama dzichakapfava!
The process is introduced by elder women of the household, and it is shrouded in such secrecy that the men and others around may never know such and such a girl has started.

Early in the morning around 4am, regardless of the season, the young girls of the village are shepherded to the river where they pull, bath and return back home to start the day’s chores before everyone else wakes.

They are sometimes tested for virginity there at the river! There is a weekly physical examination, just to check on the progress. Because there is a bit of pain, the young lasses have to be monitored!

As soon as the desired size is reached, by which time the girl would have started menstruating, she is excused from the daily rigors of going to the river. But, and a big BUT, she has to do the pulling regularly just to maintain the size. Yes, they sort of shrink after each menstruation period, so the right size has to be maintained.

Even as they grow to become mothers, they are encouraged to regularly pull.
Ukarega anodzokera, and you do not want that to happen, especially after you have endured the pain of starting from scratch! Men, let’s share your experiences and please let’s be civilised about it. Let’s share … just to expand our knowledge base.

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