The invaluable Christmas gift

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The invaluable Christmas gift

The Sunday Mail

Now as we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, l plant a seed that l hope will germinate very soon. Christmas is a time for giving.

This time around, help me to pledge hope to the underprivileged young girls who cannot afford to buy sanitary towels. Every month when they menstruate, most of them skip school.

Those who are brave enough to go anyway put on old pieces of clothes to absorb the menstrual blood. I have heard cringing stories of how some use cow dung.

Society has predominantly decided to turn a blind eye on the issue of sanitary towels considering that menstruation itself is still a topic that cannot be discussed openly, even at family level.

At this moment, l challenge everyone to focus those eyes on this hot topic and acknowledge that menstruation is an important part of every woman’s reproductive health.

It prepares the woman’s body for pregnancy each month, a direct contributor to the creation of you and me.

The time to act is now.
Some organisations have been on this drive for some time now, let’s complement their efforts. The beneficiaries need those sanitary towels every single month and there can never be too much of them.

To put things into perspective, let’s say one woman uses an average of ten pads per period. A pack of tens pads costs a dollar on average.

Well wishers are encouraged to participate in this noble cause by donating pads through The Sunday Mail. Drop off the pads at your local churches and then get in touch with me. l will arrange to collect them.

Together we can make the young girls more comfortable. No quantity is ever too small.

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