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The hope of glory

14 Jan, 2018 - 00:01 0 Views
The hope of glory

The Sunday Mail

Musika Nollen, L6
Pamushana High School
Pamushana High School from Masvingo Province recently hosted the Scripture Union Annual National Conference under the theme “Christ in me the hope of Glory” (Colossians 1 verse 27).
Pamushana students worked tirelessly to make sure the hostels and the church premises were spick and span so as to create an environment suitable for a gathering of about 275 students from all over Zimbabwe.

Students ecstatically gathered at the Dining Hall for supper in preparation of the evening service.

The service was conducted by Pastor Ngove from Manicaland who was also the Co-Camp Director with Uncle Pardon from Harare. The host school graced the service with powerful praise and worship in jubilation through dance and screaming.

Uncle Muzondo gave a powerful but short message as we waited more for the following day.

The service ended in glory of God and we dispersed to the hostels. On Friday we rose as early as 5am for fitness training and we were divided into 12 teams in which we were supposed to compete in any challenge we were to be tasked. The assignments were not easy but exciting.

Afterwards we then went to the chapel to have our quiet time which was led by Aunt Sikholiwe from Bulawayo. We really learnt a lot about how to read and understand the work of God during quiet time. After that we went for bathing and breakfast and we came back for second service which started at 12pm.

Pastor Tavaziva the SU Assistant Director of Schools taught us to have faith in the Lord and also not to play with the name of the Almighty.  After that we had career guidance by uncle Jeffery (a holder of Masters in Accountancy) from Harare. We were taught the points to consider when choosing a career as well as things to avoid. At 1pm we had our lunch and really enjoyed.

After that we went for sports and everybody enjoyed.  We played volleyball, basketball, handball, volleyball and soccer. As it was said that by doing something we learn something to discover something thus everyone was showing off their talents. As usual after the sports we went to refresh and bath.

After bathing we went to enjoy what everybody loves to and that’s food. We ate delicious food. We later went for evening service led by Pastor Tembo from Chiredzi.

Saturday morning we went to the school grounds for the exercises as usual. It was really tiresome but we enjoyed. Everyone exercised and went for quiet time in our groups at the chapel and it was almost 6am. People went for bathing and afterwards we had our breakfast.

Aunt Sikholiwe gave us the morning devotion. Mr Gwemende the National Director then taught on the interdenominational nature of Scripture Union. We learnt that we as people are not judges but God is the only one who have the right judge. After the lesson we went for lunch. After the blessed lunch we had a teen talk by Mr Muzondo.

He revealed some of the challenges that we as teenagers face as we grow. One other thing that we leant is that we are not allowed to have sexual relationships as students. We were also taught that there is time everything, time to reap and time to sow.  The reference scripture was Songs of Solomon 8 vs 4 “l adjure you, O daughters of Jerusalem, that you stir not nor awaken love until it please.”  Some people were grouped according to gender and age and we had some counselling session with our uncles and aunties. After the counselling we went for mountain climbing. We had some fun and enjoyed ourselves. Mostly, people enjoyed eating the Mashuku fruits that we found in the mountain. We played different games at the church yard after the mountain climbing while waiting for supper.

Sunday was the last day at the conference. The sky was clearer and it was sunny. After breakfast we all gathered for our closing service together with RCZ congregation to grace the farewell service. We sang along some common hymn and we worshipped together in one accord. We got the preaching from the outgoing National Director Mr Gwemende. Everyone was blessed after the sermon.

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