The Holy Quran Speaks: We serve a truly Great Creator

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The Holy Quran Speaks: We serve a truly Great Creator Worship in Islam

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Umari Stambuli
We raised a few crucial questions in last week’s article; and the response has been overwhelming as more and more people sought answers to the questions we raised, clearly indicating that we surely are on the right path.

A person who asks questions, one that reflects and gives answers to the questions we raised is sure to realise that on every inch of the planet, a plan and an order reigns.

How did the flawless order of the entire universe come into being, who provided the delicate balances in the world?

How did living beings, incredibly diversified in nature, emerge and then merge? Keeping oneself occupied with the relentless research to answer these questions results in a clear awareness that everything in the universe, its order, each living being and structure is a component of a plan or a product of design in short.

Every detail, the excellent structure of an insect’s wing, the system that enables a tree to carry tons of water on its topmost branches, the order of the planets and the ratio of gases in the atmosphere are all unique examples of perfection. One can say, in short, that signs of the Creator are abound! In every detail of the infinitely varied world, people find their Creator.

Allah, the owner of everything in the entire universe, introduces Himself to His servants through the flawless design of His creation.

Everything surrounding us; the birds in flight, our beating hearts, the birth of a child or the existence of the sun in the sky manifest through the power of Almighty Allah.

What each person must do now is to understand this fact.

An intelligent person notices that a plan, design and wisdom exist in every detail of this infinitely varied world.

This draws the person closer too and towards the recognition of the Creator.

Therefore, never plead ignorance to the fact that all beings, living or non-living, show the existence and greatness of Allah the Almighty.

Look at all the things around you and strive to show appreciation in the best manner for the majesty of Allah the Almighty for he is the Supreme and the Unique!

Indeed, the existence of Allah the Almighty is obvious and If we ignore this, we would be instigating the beginning of the greatest damage we could ever do to ourselves.

That is simply because Allah the Almighty is in no need of anything.

In fact He is the One Who shows His greatness in all things and in all ways. He is the owner of everything; from the Heavens to the Earth.

We learn the attributes of Allah the Almighty from the Holy Qur’an: “Allah! There is no god but Him, the Living, the Self-Sustaining.

“He is neither subject to slumber nor sleep. Everything in the heavens and the earth belongs to Him. Who can intercede with Him except by His permission?

“He knows what is before them and what is behind them but they cannot grasp any of His knowledge save what He wills. His seat of authority encompasses the heavens and the earth and their preservation does not tire Him. He is the Most High, the Magnificent.” – (Ch2v255).

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