The Holy Qur’aan: Divine Revelation

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God Almighty, in His infinite wisdom and mercy upon mankind, has provided for the guidance of people through divine revelations sent through His Messengers/Prophets.

These have been affected, from time to time, according to the need and circumstances of that particular era.

Whilst Muslims believe in the “Original” Scriptures (books and messages) revealed to various Messengers/ Prophets before the Last and Final Messenger Muhammad (peace be upon them all), they firmly believe that the Holy Qur’aan is the literal word of God Almighty – Allah.

Its commandments are Divine and must not be violated, and its guidance is Divine and must not be taken lightly.

The Holy Qur’aan is not the word/speech of Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him), recorded by his followers/disciples – rather, it is the revealed word of God Almighty Himself.

The sheer elegance and profoundness of its message together with the absence of contradictions and errors are proofs that it could never have been composed by any human, much less by an unlettered man.

Besides the guidance with the Divine requirements for mankind, there are also many scientific miracles within the Qur’aan.

So amazing and numerous are they that every human being cannot help but to ponder and reflect deeply on the Divine origin of the Holy Qur’aan!

For example, the Qur’aan gives several accounts on the stages of the human embryo in its development, including the sperm finding the egg, the clinging nature of the fertilised egg to the uterus, and the timing of the appearance of bones, muscles and flesh.

“Then we made man as a small drop in a safe lodging, firmly established. Then we made the drop in to something which clings; then we made the clinging thing in to a lump (like a chewed mass); then we made out of that lump, bones; then we clothed the bones with flesh; and then we brought it forth as another creation. So blessed is God, the Best of Creators.” (Ch 23:v13-14).

When Dr Keith Moor, Professor Emeritus of Anatomy and Cell Biology at the University of Toronto, saw the verse, he was impressed.

He wondered how Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him), over 1 400 years ago and without a microscope or a laboratory, could have accurately described what scientists have only come to discover in the past century.

He noted that in the early photographs of an embryo, it was shaped like a morsel of some chewed substance, and indented with what could only be teeth marks. His remarks are documented in his book “The developing human: clinically – oriented embryology”.

There are indeed countless issues, relating to the creation, order of the Universe, scientific phenomena, etc. which lend credence to the Divine origin of this great Revelation!


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