The handiwork of serial litigant

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The Sunday Mail

1. July 18, 2013, Ignatius Masamba v Minister of Justice and ZEC (CCZ 42/13): ZEC’S alleged failure to publicise the nomination process. The applicant, a would-be candidate for election as President, complained that the Minister and the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission had failed to provide prospective candidates with information on nomination fees and failed to provide adequate notice of the date on which nomination papers were to be filed.

But he failed to specify the constitutional rights he claimed to have been breached and constitutional duties not carried out. The court ruled there was no cause of action under the Constitution and dismissed the application.

2. Ignatius Masamba v the Secretary of the Judicial Services Commission (HC 2368/15): Mr Masamba sued the Secretary of the JSC for allegedly employing an “incompetent” magistrate. Mr Masamba had filed an application against his neighbour for “trespassing on land” and when the application was dismissed by a magistrate, Mr Masamba sued the JSC for employing the magistrate who had handled his case.

3. Ian Farai Masamba and Ignatius Masamba v Zimsec director (HH969/15HC HH411-15 CIV A 128/13): In this claim, Mr Masamba alleged that Zimsec withheld Ian’s “O” and “A” Level results. He also claimed compensation for “professional negligence for mental suffering” after Ian failed the examinations.

4. Tendai S Masamba (represented by Ignatius Masamba) versus Zimbabwe Electricity Distribution Company: Masamba claimed that ZETDC, a Zesa subsidiary, inflated electricity prices.

5. Also brought to the High Court were four estate agents who were sued for allegedly mismanaging a flat belonging to his sister.

6. A suit was instigated against a neighbour for trespassing whilst another neighbour was sued at the High Court after he allegedly “uprooted” Mr Masamba’s vegetables.

7. A former tenant at Mr Masamba’s flat was sued after he allegedly removed a kitchen unit from the flat without his consent.

8. Five suits were filed against the City of Harare as Mr Masamba made several allegations among them claiming that the water bills the city council was sending to him were a “nuisance”.

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