The Gtel MX5: Beyond style

03 Feb, 2019 - 00:02 0 Views

The Sunday Mail

A slim design makes the phone size a pleasure to look at and touch. The Gtel MX5 has been fashionably-designed, housing all desirable elements in one device.

The metal and matte design of the phone are exquisitely designed in the back, creating a mixture of special touch feelings.

Also, with featured colour shell design, the Gtel MX5 instantly distinguishes itself from all other competitors. The Gtel MX5 comes with fingerprint unlock that is unique to you. Quickly unlock your MX5 with the fingerprint key. Only you can access the phone instead of anyone else. It is fast, secure and safe.

It has thefittest size both to your palms and eyes. The MX5’s 5.34 inch best fits your palms while the 18:9 ratio gives you that perfect experience in watching videos as well as playing all varieties of games.

The ratio aspect and the symmetrical and narrow bezels at top and bottom contribute to a higher screen-to-body ratio.

The bezel free look allows the most crystal clear visuals, giving the best possible display clarity visible to the human eye. Compared with traditional 16:9 screen, the MX5 18:9 screen shows more information whenever you are reading news or watching videos.

The MX5’s front camera can beautify different faces with the advanced face beauty algorithm, which makes your every selfie a perfect selfie. Take a photo with the MX5’s rear camera and share every shiny moment with your friends.

The Gtel MX5 is embedded with a 2300mAh polymer lithium battery and a polymer lithium battery is thinner and more secure with higher density and discharge ratio, which lasts up to 2 days over standard usage.

The MX5 prolongs your enjoyment with smart power consumption optimisation, providing long duration of performance and power and maximises battery life in comparison to other phones with the same battery size.

It guarantees you longer battery life, allowing you to WhatsApp, Tweet, Instagram, Facebook and enjoy all your media files all day, no worries.

The Gtel MX5 allows you to enjoy your social networks freely. Enjoy starting a brand-new lifestyle with all kinds of social network apps.

With 16GB ROM and 1GB RAM in Android GO edition, social media network apps can be installed and accessed conveniently.

Enjoy performance upgrade of speed improvement and power efficiency at its best, with an Android 8.1 software and QuadCore 1.5GHZ processor, which ensures flawless operation of the device.

Moreover, the Gtel MX5 has 4G communication which is VoLTE supported, and this enables you to download and upload files at a stunning speed.

Stay for fun wherever you are. Enjoy your exciting life disturbance-free! Stream a favourite movie and totally immerse in the scenario, play a trendy game and compete with virtual rivals, slide a photo album to relive those moments, stay connected with friends and share with one another . . . You don’t have to stay plugged in to let all that happen.


The Gtel MX5 is currently available in all the Gtel outlets nationwide with full service and backup also available at any Gtel outlet nationwide. For more information, interact with us on our social media platforms such as our Facebook page: GtelZimbabwe  and visit our website: To buy yours today, SMS/WHATSAPP “GTEL MX5”, to 073 200 1010

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