The Gospel Ensemble readies new album

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The Gospel Ensemble readies new album Seventh Day Adventist,Gospel Ensemble Choral Group

The Sunday Mail

Veronica Gwaze
SEVENTH Day Adventist choral group, The Gospel Ensemble (TGE) has vowed to revive choral music and spread the word of God to all the corners of the world.

The Chitungwiza based 40 member group music director Mr Simbarashe Masamha said they were determined to change the choral music scene.

“Choral music somehow died a natural death in Zimbabwe and as an amateur group we decided to revive the gospel music.

“The nation will witness it rise like the phoenix, we are coming up with fresh stuff which is exciting.

“Many acapella songs are being recycled but we are doing things differently.

“While many choose to sing to entertain people in different tunes and styles, our group sings Christ in songs and not songs in Christ. The new album caters for a diverse audience.

“We are looking forward to the soon returning of Christ and the album seeks to alert the world that it is high time we all live in Christ,” he said.

Masamha said some songs were in mixed languages to cater for others even across the country’s borders.

Plans are also underway to record a DVD by the end of the year.

“There were many talented people in Chitungwiza who could not afford to go to Harare and join big groups.

“This gave us the zeal to create a Chitungwiza only group to cater for an audience which was sidelined by other groups,” he said.

The album features songs such as ‘‘Vanofamba Na Jesu’’, “Unodanwa”, “Simuka Udyare”, “Mvana Ka Nkulunkulu” and “Razaro amuka”, which assure hope in desperate situations. Other songs such as ‘‘Come let us rejoice’’ and ‘‘I remember Calvary’’ are celebratory songs while ‘‘Ndina Jesu Nguva Dzose’’ and ‘‘Surrender your heart to Jesus’’ emphasise the abundant life found in Christ.


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