The devil is in trouble: Apostle Chipoyera

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The devil is in trouble: Apostle Chipoyera Apostle Chipoyera

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THE fast growing Kingdom Prosperity Ministries will on Friday night host an all-night deliverance, prophetic, healing and breakthrough prayer session where the church leader, Apostle Rodney Chipoyera and wife Apostle Farai will focus on ensuring permanent deliverance to those afflicted.

The all-night prayer will deal with healing of sickness, casting out of witchcraft forces, breakthrough in all areas of life and deliverance from spiritual bondage.

Attendance is free. All Christians can attend.

Apostle Chipoyera ministering

Apostle Chipoyera ministering

Fireworks are expected at the Friday night prayer meeting where Apostle Chipoyera’s spiritual father, Bishop Bartholomew Manjoro of Faith World Ministries will be in attendance.

“The 3rd of March 2017 is not a day to miss. Everyone is welcome because serious deliverance, prophecy and healing will be taking place. People with their various situations must make sure they attend the Friday all-night prayer. God has shown me that after that night, the church will take off; the church will break forth and grow miraculously,” said Apostle Chipoyera.

The KPM leader said the main thrust of the all-night prayer was to deal with witches and wizards, evil family altars used by evil-doers to cause death, sickness, poverty, anti-marriage and death spirits.

He explained that thousands of people were battling diseases and bad luck due to evil altars erected by witches and wizards, thus the Friday all-night prayer session will dismantle such ills.

During the past Wednesday Spiritual Clinics, Apostle Chipoyera has dedicated many hours in praying for individuals and families to destroy evil altars, with demons manifesting and confessing how they have been affecting people.

“All evil connections will be destroyed. The process has already started during Wednesday’s Spiritual Clinic and the devil is in trouble. A lot of families and individuals are tied down by these evil connections and people must be set free and this shall happen especially on Friday 3 March. It’s not a night to miss,” said Apostle Chipoyera.

In recent weeks, hundreds of people have testified of what God has been doing in solving their problems through the KPM leader.

Many have given glory to Jesus after being healed of stroke, blindness, deafness, financial problems, barenness. Evil spirits have been exorcised while others have received life-changing prophecies.

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