The cry baby who is afraid of elections

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The cry baby who is afraid of elections Morgan Tsvangirai

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The Sharp Shooter Vukani Madoda
Whether it is the bogeyman in the closet or a monster under the bed that is haunting them, many children are afraid of the dark.

Fear is a normal part of life for all of us, including young children and adults called Morgan Tsvangirai.

Fear tends to start when you try something new, something that you have never experienced before, something that is an unknown.

For kids, this happens almost every day, so fear has many opportunities to rear its ugly head — especially at night.

If it’s fire they have played with, rest assured that the child will soon shrink from flames.

The president of political cry-babies last week issued a lengthy shrill because elections are around the corner.

Morgan Tsvangirai will not disappoint.

He is starting to see shadows again just as his Vice-President Nelson Chamisa warned us not too long ago.

As the 2018 elections draw ever closer, Tsvangirai is seeing the bogeyman in the closet and the monster under the bed.

Certainly, 2018 is night time for MDC-T, which is why they are running scared of the elections and shamelessly accusing Zanu-PF of all sorts of underhand dealings.

They accuse Zanu-PF of “hijacking” the biometric voter registration exercise through an independent Zimbabwe Electoral Commission, allegedly for the purposes of usurping the prospect for a free, fair and credible poll in 2018.

Please Morgan, stop being a cry baby.

You are simply afraid — very afraid — of 2018 because you want to try something new.

You want to win the 2018 election yet winning is a very new concept to you.

You have never experienced an electoral win before so you are afraid of the political darkness that 2018 is bringing for you and your miserable followers.

Only when you attempt to pursue the unknown victory that has often eluded you Morgan is when you start to cry like that.

We are only in March 2017 but you are braying, howling, quacking and mooing that a monster called Nikuv is waiting for you in 2018.

Come now Morgan, don’t be such a cry baby.

Fear of electoral loss is gripping you but by now you should be used to it.

You have been losing election after election after election for 17 years and counting.

So use your experience of electoral loss to deal with your fear but just do not tell us that you are seeing the bogeyman in the closet because we know such monsters don’t exist outside of childish imagination.

Zimbabwe is a sovereign nation and it will utilise its sovereignty to invite whom it so wishes to observe next year’s watershed elections.

It will also use the BVR system as a sovereign nation.

This is because sovereign nations are increasingly turning to biometric voting systems to help support fair, credible elections absent of fraud and illegal practices to ensure the protection of democratic principles.

Establishing election integrity is a cornerstone of modern democracy which promotes trust and honesty in elected governments and promotes confidence and faith in elected leaders.

While Government is promoting that confidence and faith in the use of the BVR system, MDC-T and its leader are shamelessly running from a monster under their beds.

This is in spite of the results of biometric voting exercises in countries such as Kenya and Ghana, which have taught us that the people expect fast, accurate, and reliable voter registration at the polls under any conditions so as to help maintain the integrity and credibility of the electoral process and reduce mistrust and irregularities.

Surely Morgan, if you are not just another cry baby afraid of elections, why would you say something like: “We are hearing more disturbing reports about what this Government is doing to subvert the will of the people in the next election. For instance, we are aware of teams that have been working and training under the tutelage of a spy agency of a country that shall remain nameless for now.”

Please Morgan, stop seeing imaginary monsters.

Stop this cry baby attitude of saying, “There is also a ploy to have Nikuv International Projects get registered under surrogate names in an attempt to enable the company to win the tender to supply the BVR kits.”

(And also please tell us the name of the Israeli company that set up the drip irrigation system at your Buhera home that has left other villagers without groundwater.)

Start campaigning and stop telling us that you are aware of “plans to have Nikuv International Projects work with some named Indian companies in hacking or engaging in cyber-attacks on the whole electoral system once it becomes clear that the results are not going in Zanu-PF’s favour”.

Or telling us that you are aware that “plans are afoot to either control or derail the BVR process, frustrate voter registration and the actual voting in perceived opposition strongholds”.

Or that you know that “there are plans to tamper with silver nitrate and other inks such as UV ink that may be used in order to fudge the result of the next election”.

Really Morgan?

Are you seriously going to start that infantile nonsense of “X’s” mysteriously changing position on ballot papers?

The truth is that the only thing you really know is that you are destined to lose.

The fear is consuming you more each day because deep down you know very well you are going to lose for the umpteenth time to a 94-year-old President Mugabe.

And you are threatening to do what on the 22nd of March? Nxa! Morgan stop it mfowethu!

Think about the Norton and Bikita by-elections and ask yourself why Morgan and his party did not contest. It was simply because of the fear of losing.

Do not be fooled by the fantasy of stolen elections.

MDC-T knows the reality that President Mugabe and Zanu-PF are romping to victory once again.

Morgan is not ready for the coming elections. Instead of focusing on campaigning, he is busy seeing shadows.

With nothing to offer the electorate, with no manifesto, no tangible alternative, Morgan, the attention-seeking cry-baby has very few distractions to keep his mind occupied.

So his imagination runs wild and as a result, Morgan is the kid who seems well-adjusted during the day but becomes more vulnerable as night approaches.


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