The Circuit Party does it differently

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The Circuit Party does it differently

The Sunday Mail

Andrew Moyo —
WHEN three deejays and two talented saxophonists come together, something unique is bound to happen. With merrymakers constantly looking for vibrant entertainment concepts, The Circuit Party has been providing what the people want since February 2016.

DJ Dawee from Germany, DJ Trickx, DJ Nize, Vee Mukarati and his younger brother Tinashe are the names behind a group that has been hosting explosive monthly gigs at various venues around Harare.

Cultural gaps disappear when the quintet unleash their brilliant fusions. What started off with a couple of friends playing music at a colleague’s birthday party gave birth to formation of The Circuit Party.

While most DJs in the capital usually play commercial music for their patrons, The Circuit Party are more about innovation when they perform at such places as The Beer Engine, Kebab Premier, Jam Tree, Pariah State, On the Roof at Travel Plaza and Londoners.

They have also played at high profile events like Shoko Festival and recently at Fallin’ 2016 in Victoria Falls.

As a solo act, Vee Mukarati has established himself as a top performer on the contemporary Afro jazz scene, displaying massive skill on the saxophone.

The artiste has previously worked with musicians like Tariro neGitare, the late Sam Mtukudzi, Hope Masike, Jazz Invitation and Jacaranda Muse to mention just a few.

Another member of the group who has also been building a reputation in the capital is DJ Dawee. From playing at uptown clubs like Pariah State, to clashing with dancehall DJs in Mbare, the German DJ has proven that he can play for any crowd.

The other members of the group bring their unique flair to create some of the best fusions on the club scene.

While DJ Nize prides himself for having the perfect playlist for the ladies, DJ Trickx plays his music the old school way, making use of vinyl records rather than a laptop.

Vee Mukarati said they wanted to create pop-up parties that would cater for people from all walks of life.

“The Circuit Party is a group of five individuals bringing in different facets of entertainment that includes DJs, saxophonists and MCs. Since we started in February last year, we have been hosting monthly pop-up parties at different venues around the capital,” said Mukarati.

He said their name was derived from the fact that their parties were like a circuit that goes around the city connecting people of various backgrounds.

“This party is not necessarily about making profit but it’s about music and people interacting because one of the things that drove us to create this thing was the realisation that there was a separation between the north and south of Samora Machel so we wanted to build a bridge through entertainment.

“You will notice that we have all these clubs in the northern suburbs that attract a certain type of crowd and at the same time we also have clubs that are downtown that attract another type of crowd.

“We were just wondering why these people are not partying together because at the end of the day we all want to listen to good music, we all want to have a good time, we all want to meet new people so we started looking for venues that are sort of central so as to cater for everyone and the response has just been overwhelming.”

They blend music from all over the world, bringing a refreshing mix to clubbing from the almost routine selection of songs by most DJs.

“So basically what we have are DJs that play various genres and when you compound that with live saxophones, it makes for a pretty interesting event,” Vee said, adding: “The plan now is to move further downtown but there are so many limitations that come with the logistics but I know that it can be done.”

The group will be hosting their first anniversary party at Legends Night Club in Newlands on February 10, their first outing in.

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