The bigger the better?

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The Sunday Mail

Extra Reporter —
The craze for creams and tablets that supposedly enlarges breasts, hips and buttocks seem to be gaining popularity in Zimbabwe. Appetito and Yodi pills as well as Botcho creams are selling like hot cakes, especially in the country’s towns and cities. Most of these products bear no details of the manufacturers to ensure traceability and verifiability.

They also make startling claims of their effectiveness in attempts to boost sales. Users are promised “tight and firm enlarged breasts and buttocks”.
However, the Medicines Control Authority of Zimbabwe (MCAZ) and other health professionals have issued a strong warning against the usage of such products.

MCAZ director general Ms Gugu Mahlangu said creams and soaps supposedly meant for breast and hip enlargement are all fake and have no scientific proof that they can provide what is labelled on their packages.

“All these enlargement products are only meant to play on the ignorance of people who are in desperate need of enhancing the size of their body looks,” said Ms Mahlangu.

“The use of medicines for hip enlargement causes disfigurement of the body.”

“No medicines should be imported if they do not have an import permit or authorisation in the form of documentation from MCAZ,” said Ms Mahlangu.

“There are designated ports of entry for medicines such that certain ports, particularly those in the northern and eastern parts of the country, except Forbes border post, have been excluded for the importation of medicines.”

An oncologist warned women against using cosmetic creams to enhance their looks.

“The chemical contents of such products can be dangerous to users,” she said.

“If the chemicals in the cream are dangerous and they get into the tissues through the pores, they could cause the cells to grow abnormally, which could lead to breast cancer.

“Body parts’ shapes and sizes are largely determined by genetics. Even members of the same family have different sizes and shapes, this should never be altered.”

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