Terrifying little paper

20 Apr, 2014 - 00:04 0 Views

The Sunday Mail

Phoebe Ruvarashe Nyashanu
Westridge High School
Your head is totally blank, your eyes feel like floating balloons in their sockets, your nose won’t stop itching, your mouth is drier than the Sahara during a drought and your cheeks are like burning flesh furnaces. It’s that moment that has taken you from a healthy 55kg to that astonishing 48.5!
That moment that gave you sleepless nights. That moment that has been popping up as your worst nightmare! You are finally collecting your results!
We’ve all gone though these nerve wrecking moments.
They seem so interminable! Droning on and on like one of those endless speeches given at way-too-formal business meetings. One minute feels like an hour!
Somehow it always happens that there has to be a long queue that is really going to make the waiting longer and even more unbearable!
Everyone has been telling you to relax, that you are going to do well.
What you feel inside, however, is the total opposite.
Your heart beats so fast, so loud!
Your blood seems to be racing itself inside your veins and your body temperature shoots right out the ceiling.
It’s a surprise you don’t just drop dead.
Your forehead is beaded with sweat, your whole body feels as if it’s been immersed in a pool of water, your legs are suddenly too weak to hold your body up.
What it really feels like, no one can ever comprehend but when you collect your results, nothing else matters.
It’s just you and your piece of paper.
No matter how tough you think you are, that small paper can terrify you, make you lose your mind.
Words can never do justice to what you feel inside and out at that exact moment.
It’s nerve wrecking anticipation!

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