Tegama’s second coming

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Tegama’s second coming

The Sunday Mail

Tinashe Kusema

WARREN Tegama is not really concerned about what other people think of him.

After all this is a kid who, at the height of powers during his Mufakose Hustlers’ days, was renowned for shouting at teammates and getting into fist fights with opposing players just as much as his breakout season back in 2015.

His retort to his wayward behaviour back then was; “every good player tends to develop a big head here and there.”

He would later eat those words as Hustlerz failed to win the league title – finishing third behind Foxes and eventual winners Harare City Hornets.

Despite finishing as the season’s top scorer, with over 215 points, Tegama missed out on the coveted Most Valuable Player crown.

But that was then.

Now, a lot has changed!

Firstly, the 25-year-old has since left Hustlerz and is now a member of former champions Harare City Hornets.

By his own admission, he is older and wiser now, and speaks of  his “bad boy days” with both regret and remorse.

“My days at Hustlerz are regrettable,” said the Hornets’ point guard and shooting forward.

“I was young and a little over-ambitious coming into the league at 16.

“Some of the decisions I made were the result of immaturity and a lack of understanding on the part of those that saw me play.

“Luckily, I have met some very patient coaches and encountered some very respectable and senior players who sat me down and read me the riot act.

“I listened,” he said.

It also doesn’t hurt that his move to Hornets, which many considered to be ill-advised, came with it a bigger platform, more competition and a lot more time on the bench than he was used at Hustlerz.

Time to think about life and where his career was headed.

“Having been the franchise player at the club, for such a long time, packing my bags to leave Hustlerz was the hardest decision I ever had to make,” said Tegama

“But I still maintain that it was the right decision; I have been here at Hornets for two seasons now, and would like to believe that I have worked and earned my minutes on the court,” he said.

The statistics speak for themselves; as Tegama has apparently wormed himself into the MVP debate.

Time on the court remains a struggle for the former Hustlerz’s franchise players, but that hasn’t stopped him from making a meaningful contribution to Hornets’ quest to reclaim their title.

At the time of going to press Hornets were undefeated and sitting at the apex of the Harare Basketball League log table with 36 points from 18 games.

Raiderz and Foxes trail with 32 and 30 points respectively from the same number of games, and Tegama has played a huge part in the title charge.

He is averaging 14 points a game, three assists and as many rebounds. He is shooting at 61 percent inside the arc.

“It’s all too flattering, to be honest,” he said.

“I have had a fairly good season, and going into the final stretch of the season I hope to maintain the momentum.

“There are some pretty good players out there equally, if not more deserving.

“My friend and teammate Ben Nyayanga being one of them.

“I guess we will have to wait until the end of the season to see who has the most votes,” he said.


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